The Importance of Education for All People

The Importance of Education for All People

Education is the most important thing in our lives, this means that every human being is entitled to and expect to always evolve in education. Education in general has meaning in the life of a process to develop themselves each individual to live and sustain life. So it becomes an educated is very important. Education is the first time we get in a family environment, school environment and the community.

A child who will be loved loving family, so the child will feel that the child is needed in the family. For a family feel as a source of strength membangunya.Dengan will thus arise a situation of mutual aid, mutual respect, which strongly supports the development anak.Di in families that give a maximum chance of growth and development is the family environment tua.Dalam self-esteem growing because appreciated, accepted, loved, and respected as a person .That importance of why we become educated in the neighborhood
keluarga.Orang parents taught us start from childhood to respect others.

While in the school environment into the second education and if parents have enough money then it may proceed to a higher level and will continue to college later became a well-educated. How important education is. Teachers as media educators provide knowledge in accordance with the capabilities. The teacher’s role as an educator is the role of aid and encouragement, as well as tasks related to disciplining children so that children can have a sense of responsibility with what he did. Teachers also must try to lessons were always sufficient to attract children.

Besides the role of the society is also important for the students. This means providing an overview of how we live bermasyarakat.Dengan so when we interact with people, they will judge us, that knows where people are educated and uneducated. At the time of the Era of Globalization expected younger generations can develop the knowledge gained so as not to be left behind in the times. That is the importance of being well-educated in the family, school and community.

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