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The Danger of Shouting Children

This time the discussion on the issue of children’s education, which is more precisely about the dangers of parents (or anyone) in shouting children, because this can be fatal.

Based on research that on each head of a child, then there will be more than 10 trillion brain cells that are ready to grow (a lot).

But a shout, a harsh word, an insult or something like that to a child in its infancy will be fatal, and this is not a small or light matter.

The Danger of Shouting Children (Destroying Brain Cells etc.)

1. The danger of yelling at the child for destroying the child’s brain cells
Because scratches or harsh words can kill more than 1 billion brain cells right then and there.

And even a punch or pinch that accompanied the scream would kill more than billions of brain cells right then and there.

But on the contrary, with 1 praise, warmth of hugs and affection it will build very well the seeds of a child’s intelligence … which makes the brain’s brain development very fast.

The results of this study from a man named Lise Gliot, he concluded like that, in children who are still in growth, especially in the “golden age” that is at the age of 2-3 years.


The sound just tends to be louder, then it’s a problem …

Lise Gliot explains that the loud sounds and screams that come out of the parents can damage or abort the brain cells of a growing child.

Meanwhile, when the mother is giving soft caress while breastfeeding her child, the brain series formed beautifully.

Lise Gliotini’s research, by doing research on the object of his own son.

He took the initiative to install a brain recorder cable connected to a computer monitor, so it will look every change that occurs in the development of his son’s brain.

And he stated that the result is very unusual, when the child is breastfeeding the child will form a beautiful circuit on the child’s brain cells.

But when he was surprised when there was a loud little voice, then a beautiful series of brain cells that bubble like the balloon breaks apart, and then also changes color.

From research conducted Lise Gilot explains that the influence of anger and friction in children will greatly affect the development of brain cells of children.

Danger, if it is done often even uncontrollably, it can have great potential to disrupt the child’s own brain structure.

Be careful when you want to scold your child …

The researcher Lise Gilot advises that we should be careful in scolding the child.

And not only that, it will also disrupt the function of important organs in the body such as liver, heart and others.

The effects of damage to brain cells due to greater impact on children. As for adolescents and adults also potentially damaged, but not as big as those accompanied by children.

A surge to the child will lead to fatal, long-term effects can be seen in people who often experience a snap in the past (childhood).

… these people will be more dreamy, and also slow in understanding something

Then it will also usually be easy to overcome anger, panic and sadness. They usually will often experience stress until depression in life.

This is because of the difficulty in understanding the patterns of problems they face. And that’s all the result of at least the active brain cells from which it should be.

2. Because yelled, the child’s heart can be tired
According to Dr. Godeliva Maria Silvia Merry, M.Si, a doctor who is also a teacher at UKDW, Yogyakarta, he explained that one’s pulse can vary depending on the sound heard.

Thus, if the “hobby” parents snap at high-pitched children, then Dr. Silvia explains that the child if constantly exposed with a high-pitched voice …

… resulting in the heart’s organs of the child will often beat very quickly (abnormal), which causes the heart to become easily exhausted.

The same danger can also occur in people who often listen to fast rhythmic music.
3. The child will tumbul become an emotional person
When often yelled at, the child will imitate what he “receives” in his daily life.

Where the Child will grow into an easily angry figure, difficult to control yourself, emotional, and like screaming.

Because violence both verbal and non verbal have a negative impact on the child’s psychology.


4. Child’s confidence level to parents decreases
Where parents are often used as role models for the child in general, so the habits of parents will be imitated very children, including the habit of speaking with a rough and high tone.

Scolding the child in front of his friends, this can certainly risk the child’s self-esteem when in the middle of a friendship environment or playing environment.

So this can lead to the level of confidence of children to their parents to be down. As a result all advice / advice from parents will only be considered one eye by the child.


5. The child becomes depressed
Shouting a teenager is also a bad thing.

The 13-year-old teenager who often yelled at by his parents showed more depression symptoms than his unbearable colleagues.

Such problems are raised by a new study published in the journal Child Development.

One of the points is mentioned, that is, instead of “well-intentioned” parents to improve the behavior of the teen …

… but with a yelled, humiliated and shouted by the parent, it just makes the teenager’s behavior worse.
6. Difficulty being a good listener
In order for the child to grow up as a good listener, the child needs to grow in an environment that makes him think positively.

When parents speak in high tones aka snap, it can lead to disrupted child development and experience in hearing loss.

In addition to hearing problems, as well as liver problems are “hurt” because the child receives ill treatment, as a result the child will have difficulty to grow into a good hearing.

7. The child loses the initiative for fear of being wrong
Children who are often yelled at and scolded, let alone scolded blindly, then it could risk being a child’s difficulty in doing an initiative.

That’s because in the soul of the child is embedded feeling fear of wrong because often snapped. So the child will be very minimal and difficult to be able to initiate.


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