The current economic problems

The current economic problems

The game has changed

In the Middle of the information age, we are once again experiencing rejection global economy fraught with uncertainty. Quiet period in the world economy is currently almost non-existent. Sales world completely changed, the customer is completely different and purchasing patterns are not the same as before. Sngkatnya, business would be difficult.

The current economic problems

Not long ago, 85 million people lost their jobs the United States. Country EU to add about 23 million people, while asia and eastern tengat participate lagi.Sekarang add tens of millions of people, let’s change this data something useful. If you do not work insurance, you certainly tidam want to spend money, if you are afraid of losing a job, you will be afraid to spend money and if you are afraid to spend money, you will decrease the volume of purchases. The number of similar cases mengakbatkan masyrakt decreased level of demand.

Reduction in the number of workers aims to regulate the balance between production and demand levels.

Production costs, production levels yangberlebihan mean excessive costs anyway. Although the production capacity of a company to rise, they will undertake a number of efforts to increase production efficiency in order to let as much as possible not to hire people back. Would not it be more efficient is a good thing? not always the case. Efficient means that the owners of the company can choose to menambha than some add employee work hours. According to some studies, if the efficiency of the production of the United States increased by 1%, 1.5 million jobs would be lost forever.

Asuransi jiwa prudential

Let’s finish this economic tour to examine some examples of cases and transform information into something useful proficiency level. In the last 10 years the average power Berli every household in the United States tend to menuun.Sberapa often do you hear of a child living with grandparents or relatives in the village because of his parents who live in cities difficulty financing domestic life? Why do so many people choose to compete in order to become civil servants who earn a larger and more flexible career path? The next question is what the business sector will survive? With rapid technological advances, oomotif industry and manufacturing are expected to fall significantly in 5 ear. With the smaller pedapatan Ra Average per capita, the first informal business sector underestimated by society are now actually chosen by many as formal. On the other hand, how the business world reaction to this phenomenon?