The cause of breast cancer

The cause of breast cancer

For women use bras become a necessity every day. Bra can make women feel confident. So that the bra will make you stay awake breast shape and beauty. Basically bra is designed to change the shape of the breast, they apply a constant pressure on the soft breast tissue and results in compressing and constricting the lymphatic vessels. You can observe evidence of narrowing of red marks and indentations in the skin caused by bra.


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Is it true that the use of bra will increase the risk of breast cancer?

Bra may prevent drainage of lymph (lymph circulation path) and circulation. Both lymphatic and circulatory systems provide essential nutrients and allow for the elimination of toxins. Lack of nutrients or excess toxins may lead to cancer development. The role of the lymphatic system is to remove toxins and impurities from the network. A decrease in the flow of the lymphatic system can cause toxins from the breast tissue. Additionally, wearing a bra also increases the hormone prolactin. The resulting increases in prolactin in breast reduction tissue circulation. Lack of circulation prevents the body from removing fluid trapped in lymph nodes and glands. There is also data showing that the higher the pressure garments given by bra negative impact on the activity of the autonomic nervous system.

For those of you who wear a bra 24 hours a day will have a 3-4 chance of developing breast cancer. As for those who rarely or never wear a bra almost never had breast cancer. It is interesting, that the state with the number of women rarely use bra has a low likelihood of developing breast cancer. Researchers see native New Zealand and Australia found that they are fully integrated into Western society has the same chances of developing breast cancer. Instead, the native Australians who do not integrate into Western society does not wear a bra, and a small chance of developing breast cancer.

For you do not need to worry, the bra is already a requirement you every day. Nevertheless, you can keep your health in the following ways:

1. Sleep without a bra

It is advisable for you to be good night’s rest (sleep) not to use the bra. Moreover asleep when you use a tight bra feared would cause a disruption of drainage (disruption) of lymphatic arms and chest that would lead to breast cancer.

2. The size of the corresponding

The use of a bra that does not fit will lead to aches and pains in the back of the body. Even problems with their backs and said it would trigger breast cancer. The study found that mengguanakan bra that does not fit will result in the breast exposed to the risk of breast cancer. Narrow bra will make the flow of lymph in the breast area hampered. Though getih clear has excellent function is to get rid of toxins that are not needed to minimize breast cancer.

3. Bra in accordance with activities

It does not allow you to not use a bra, a better way is to adjust dengann your daily activities. Use a bra that fits with your daily activities. Besides functioning to maintain your appearance. Bra also has a function that can be customized with your activities, if you are pregnant then you can make use of maternity bra. A bra that fits with daily activities eg full support bra.