the best way to care for baby

the best way to care for baby

Babies are not miniature adults, he’s different! In addition to patience, taking care of babies requiring special handling.
Once out of the maternity hospital, no doctors and nurses who accompany Moms and Dads. At any time in the hospital, due to limited time and opportunity, doctors can not convey all the things that Mom should know and do.
Because of ignorance, many Moms and Dads then make mistakes that harm and endanger the baby.
There was Mom who cleans the baby’s ear using a cotton bud that should not be done because it can damage the baby’s eardrum.
So that baby weight rapidly rising, there are mothers who took the initiative to give solid food to the baby even though he was not yet six months. They do not know if this action could result in babies choke, trigger allergies and bowel obstruction in infants.
Treat or care of the baby the wrong way not only adds to bother Moms and Dads, it harms our baby. Dangerous because of our wrong actions may worsen the baby could even threaten his safety.
Maintain and nurture the baby should be fun and minimal problems if we can act appropriately.
Knowing how best baby care will make Moms and Dads:

Would not be surprised if you find new things that actually normal in infants.
Will not be worried and upset because the baby kept crying, fussy, do not want to breastfeed, do not want to eat his food, his weight is not increasing, less breastfeeding and other issues because they know what must be done to overcome it.
There would be quick to panic and know what to do if he finds a baby gets sick or other health problems.
We can anticipate when faced with certain circumstances in infants, such as fever after being immunized, speech delay, when I started walking and more.
Moms to be more confident and relaxed, infant psychology became better because of her positive energy.
Know what to expect from your baby’s development each stage.
Reduce the cost of consulting a doctor unnecessary. Besides of course ..
There will be more time Moms and Dads can give to explore all the potential baby.
The first year is the golden period of growth and development of infants.
Failed to set up a baby during that period was a big loss for Moms and Dads.

This short period determines the future development especially physical development, language, intellectual, social, and attitudes. In this period of growth and growing very fast.
If at this time the baby is not getting proper nutrition and enough, do not get appropriate care, stimuli were given less or do not get a proper disease management, this could be a big loss for us because this period can not be repeated.
Losses for our baby if we do not prepare it early:

Growth will not be optimal. Lack or excess body weight (obesity) due to wrong nutrition, high growth underweight, slow to start running, slow to speak, vocabulary less, difficult to express wishes and others.
His health was so poor, would be susceptible to a disease, often sick, weight easily degenerate. Imagine how much money should be saved runs to charge to a specialist or inpatient at the hospital. Even if insurance covered, a minimum of time and energy Moms will be taken.
Lack of physical skills, creativity and cognitive. Children become less agile, less creative, difficulty concentrating and others.
Difficult to expect the child will have a level of intelligence (intelligence) is high.
The emergence of social-emotional problems such as children become more whiny, irritable, difficult to socialize with their environment.


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