Terms requirement tabaruu

Terms requirement tabaruu

Besides Must meet rukunnya hearts CONDITIONS, OR tabarru grant ALSO Must meet CONDITIONS hearts Conditions.

BETWEEN difference pillars and requirement is that the loss of prayer One pillar would remove the substance from the contract (Clear OR whether the validity of the contract). Side lying if requirements are met will NOT result in "imperfect" OR damage to the contract even though the contract substantially BY Still Remains Sah. The Conditions of the grant are as follows:

Terms Wahib (Giver tabarru / grants)
Grantor / tabarru, NOT Sah grants From Small Children, sane orangutans NOT, and so on. Non-Muslims may provide grants To the Muslims, and vice versa.

Terms RECEIVER tabarru / grants
RECEIVER grant allowed anyone who Sah to review ACCEPT administration, both old / young, big / small, male / of women, Muslims and even non-Muslims.

Terms of hearts Shigat
Shigat their hearts implied consent qabul And, with lafaz OR sentence Anything That showed the presence of granting property / Something. Most Followers Hanafi said Enough WITH consent Alone (Without qabul) to hold a review of the grant agreement and NOT required for the review of the existence of the grant contract itself.

Terms of hearts Mauhub (Something granted)

Something dhibahkan Should THERE ON When the AKD grants

Something is granted / ditabarru'kan Something Must be a valuable AS sharia. Are not allowed to grant Something worth ARE NOT sharia, like khamr, idols and carcasses.

Something Must be granted an Belongs to the grant giver. NOT allowed to grant matches That's not hers.

Something is granted shall Something unknown (Ma'lum). Such as Paid Money, Land Size And LOCATION OR area is, unless Maliki The permit grants Something majhlul, hearts DIFFERENT exchange contract.

Something donated Should Free From gharar, for example, should NOT grant oranges The Small Still Small-dipohon BEFORE the big and ripe orange. In addition, no grant may fish in the sea, Livestock hearts content of her mother and so on.

Something is granted not constitute Goods / treasure commons The yet divided. However, It should be obvious first PT WORKS COPYRIGHT SON division, then the taxable income may be granted ITU. It initials BECAUSE Something is Joint ownership, Hard to do to deliver the receipt. TEMPORARY grant hearts, required for the handover.

Something Must be granted is something that can be handed over.