Takaful Coverage

Takaful Coverage

The existence of Takaful to a solution to address the needs of the Muslims of the importance of planning for the future. In this case the Takaful cover a business transaction akda kosher with contract-free from elements of gambling, gharar, and usury.

A new concept that is trying to be established and also the emergence of new cases put the system into practice Takaful continues to review and refinement. This is understandable considering the insurance system was not known before the time of Prophet Muhammad. Only in its history there are practices that contain similarities with insurance. Therefore, Islamic insurance system was built on the basis of the arguments of the Al-Quran, Hadith and consensus of scholars (jumhur) as a new breakthrough in Islamic economic practices to answer the needs of the present and the future.

The basic concept of Takaful
The basic concept of Takaful as described previously is ta’awun principle (mutual help). Those principles can be explained clearly between the two parties agree that the insurance company and the insurance participants.

5 basic concept of Takaful

Takaful is built on the basis of the responsible
In muamalah buying and selling there are elements of worship when the two parties hold each other accountable. responsibility fellow Muslims is fard kifayah. The responsibility is fulfilled if there is mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual love among fellow Muslims.

Between the insurance company and the insurance participants must understand the responsibility of each of the contract due to be agreed upon.

Takaful is built on the basis of mutual cooperation
Muslims must build a commitment to work together. A Muslim should be a participant had insurance on Islamic insurance company which is also owned by a Muslim. This cooperation will strengthen community economic building so then Muslims could actually play a major role for the benefit of the world.

Sharia Insurance is built on mutual protection
Takaful is built on the basis of mutual protection that sebanar good faith to protect not only the protection provided as services or lure to the insurance participants. Muslims disunnahkan Prophet protect each other, give each other mutual convenience and give the good news.

Takaful is built on the basis of mutual rescue
Islam is a religion of Salvation. Muslims disunnahkan to give and answer greetings containing prayers keslamatan.Perusahaan insurance and insurance of participants should be able to realize a sense of security as the fruit of salvation.

Takaful is built on professionalism
Professionalism is a size to be able to progress and compete against modern challenges that increasingly marginalizes or obscure principles syari’i. A manager must Takaful professionalism and has adequate skills and knowledge to promote Takaful. Basically, a professionalism are those who have the knowledge, the moral and the seriousness of the endeavor on the right path. Professionalism will be a progress indicator and the ability to deal with the changing times.