symptoms of lupus

symptoms of lupus

Lupus is an inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s immune attack organs and other body tissues. The disease is common in women, although not so clear why there are four types of lupus.
The following signs and symptoms of lupus disease that can be noticed:

The loss of weight or body weight we increased
Rash shaped like a butterfly on the face
Inflammation of the mouth
dry eyes
easily agitated
Pain in the chest
Memory loss
Shortness of breath

The risk factor in the disease lupus
Although doctors do not yet know what causes lupus, in many cases, they have identified factors that may increase the risk of this disease, among others:

1.Jenis sex
Lupus often occurs in women

Lupus is most common in those aged 15 to 40 years.

Lupus often happens on the race american, asian and hispanic.

4.Sinar sun
Sunlight can trigger an internal response to those who are vulnerable

certain 5.Obat
Many drugs can trigger lupus, bleak high blood pressure drugs, heart drugs, chlorpromazine, usually requires a period of use within a couple of months before the onset of symptoms.

6.Terkena chemicals
From several studies suggest that people who are often exposed to mercury and silica may have an increased risk of lupus. Smoking can cause lupus disease risk.

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