Supplements and Vitamins Make Children 1 Year, Is Required?

Supplements and Vitamins Make Children 1 Year, Is Required?

Regarding the need for additional vitamin supplements for children aged 1 year actually it all depends on the child’s condition is concerned, if he has a particular disease or indeed need additional supplements to maintain their health. If the child is one year old has a particular health problem, you should consult first with your pediatrician if he needs extra vitamin supplements or not. Later, when he was growing and getting stronger fsiknya conditions and has started to eat more types of food, then your doctor will usually also further evaluate whether they need extra vitamins or not.

It is more important to note that the parents how to make the child was one year old to want mengkonsmsi nutritious food that has nutritional value are balanced. Children who are one year old biasanyamengalami time of change in food choices and eating habits. Therefore women should have to be very clever to work around.

To increase interest in children aged one year to the healthy food, food can serve with a variety of attractive colors, textures and serve a wide variety of food with new flavors. Children at the age of one year have the stomach capacity is limited, so it is important to present the food with the nutrients seimbangyang tbuh support the growth and development of children optimally, without making it feel satiety.

vitamins for children aged 1 tahunPada children aged about one year generally do not need extra vitamins. Because all the vitamins should be obtained naturally from ASI ibu.Yang to note it is the mother’s diet. nursing mothers should consume lots of foods that contain lots of vitamin B12 (berfngsi to prevent anemia in children), iron (also associated with anemia), calcium, and zinc.

if the child is one year old had no difficulty in consuming a variety of foods (not picky) in an amount sufficient for her age, then the additional vitamin supplements are not needed. Additional vitamin supplements only be an alternative when the child is very difficult to eat or have a chronic health problem. You can consult a pediatrician.

It should be noted also that the consumption of supplemental vitamin suplemem need to be careful, do not let your children extra vitamin supplements without a referral from a doctor, because it could be your baby actually receive excess vitamin.

If your children have difficulty eating, it could be his appetite is decreasing. This is often a source of concern for the mother. Reduced appetite in children can be caused by many things such as growing new teeth, sore throat, or cough and colds. Immediately consult a pediatrician and nutritionist to determine the next step.

Source foods with nutrition and nutrients can be obtained from:

Carbohydrates: can be obtained from rice, potatoes and cereals.
Carbohydrates serve as an energy and give a sense of satiety.

Protein: can be obtained from animal sources such as eggs, meat, fish, chicken or duck, as well as with various types of dairy milk; can also be obtained from plant sources such as tempeh, tofu and various nuts.
Proteins function as builder substances, antibodies and endurance

Vitamins and minerals: can be obtained from various types of fruits and vegetables fresh
Vitamins function as regulator and protector

If the balanced nutritional needs are met as well as the growth and development of the child is also normal, the provision of additional vitamin supplements are not needed.

Initially meal is a fun thing for the kids and then as we get older, children aged one year will enter a period where suddenly without any reason can be known for sure the children became fussy with food. Some signs of children have difficulty eating disorder include:

Children refused and did not want to touch his food
Children are more than happy to play the food was served instead eat
Children eat less than usual
Usually children do not like and refused to eat vegetables, fruits, meat or milk
Children often complain about chewing, either feel pain or just lazy to chew
Children often ask the same types of foods at every meal time (just like the one type of food)
Children are more like ‘nutritious foods lower’ than healthy foods, they usually prefer to snack rather than a meal
If children do not like the food that was served, they tend to make a mess dinner table
When children are still forced to eat food that has been served, then they would likely get angry about the food
The above behavior may be very upsetting for parents. But still be faced with patience and ketekunan.Orang parents should be able to appreciate the needs of children while still ensuring that the nutrients that should be consumed. To keep in mind that if parents decide meals or healthy snacks need to be offered first to the children, they want to eat anything, and time of day. Kids can choose healthy foods to eat, how much to eat and whether consuming everything.

When your child refuses any healthy food served parents or asking for exactly the same food at every mealtime, then as parents, especially mothers should be good to interrogate children who have difficulty in eating problems.

And here are a few things you should know as parents to keep nutrition as well as train the children at one year of age to want to consume food that was served.

Serve the same food to your children one year old as it is eaten by other family members at the same time

Schedule a regular time for meals and snacks: three main meals and two or three snacks each day
Offer a diverse menu of fresh foods from all major food groups
Provide a choice of flavors, colors and textures were creative and set the food to create visual appeal
Allow children aged one year to respond to signs against their own internal hunger and satiety do not impose time providing them with food
Offer a nutrient-rich foods every time; Avoid offering foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients
Try to make mealtimes pleasant and avoid foods that may cause choking such as grapes, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, raw carrots and hard candy
Limit children to consume juice and other sweet drinks
Be a good role model with your own healthy eating
By knowing the above information then, you have enriched themselves with knowledge about health in children aged one year, especially in terms of providing additional vitamin supplements. This knowledge becomes very important because at the age of one year old children are still in the active age move and explore. And one more thing that health anaktidak only be liable for his own mother, but also the responsibility of the husband as head rmah stairs and people terdeka. Those are some things about vitamins for children aged 1 year.
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