Stop 7 errors so that children of skilled and independent

Stop 7 errors so that children of skilled and independent

At preschool age, children begin fond of fun activities were focused on her. For example, absorbed in watching television or tamper utik fun hobby such as drawing. So much fun, the child to “forget” the time: time to eat, sleep, shower, and more. On the other hand, the preschoolers did not fully understand the concept of time so they need to be reminded. He also was a learning phase to adjust to the rules and demands that exist in the environment.

Unfortunately, many parents do not grasp this. Until that often occurs, generally the parents instead be encouraging kids to stop its preoccupation that, “Brother, let’s go, drawing udahan. Now bath time!” If the child refuses, “Wait a minute, Ma, little more, ya!”, The parents insist, “No! Now it’s time for a shower, so you need a bath!” In fact, the attitude of parents who thus will only make the child so did not have the authority to self because children do not have the ability to decide for yourself what his priorities. In the future, it would be difficult if the children do not have the ability to decide what is important and a priority of his life.

During this time, it is the parents who always made a schedule for children. For example, schedule a shower, eat and sleep. Why not give them the children the opportunity to set your own schedule? Even if the child is still doing other activities that violate the schedule he made, parents can give him understanding, “Sis, now, is not it, what time 5. Come, brother schedule, right, Mandi 5 hours. That figure is already at 5, meaning older brother had to shower . ” If they still want to gain time, give a grace that is not too long, “Okay, Mama you for 10 minutes again, yes. If the long needles have already reached the number 2 (at 5 over 10), means that Big Brother should stop drawing, then showered . If delayed again later too late. ”

You can also sense, the importance of timetable that has made its own. Of course parents also should not be too saklek. When the holidays, the schedule may be more relaxed child. Conversely, if the child should be les or taken away, explained earlier that the schedule is “forced” to change. For example, “Sis, the bath today afternoon at 4, yes, because Mother’s brother will take away.”
feeding EAT
Many parents still often feed their children eat. Generally, in order that the child want to eat. Moreover, the pre-school, to pursue something that is engrossed in the activities, children can forget the time. Now, instead of eating time the child is delayed, then the parents will feed him while the child is still preoccupied with this activity.

In fact, if the child is not accustomed to eating alone, might come to the end of preschool else, not the child’s eating skilled own. In fact, at the age of 5 years should the child is able to feed themselves, even cutting food with a knife.

In addition, parents used to feed their children eat, the child was not independent. It could, they just want to eat when fed by the mother or caregiver. Well, if by chance the mother or caregiver go bother, of course they will not eat, right?

This error is often also derived from the assumption, reflecting a fat child care for parents who are good at. If a child is underweight, parents afraid to be no attention in children. That is why, when the child begins to reluctantly eat, parents panicked. Furthermore, the meal is often the scene of a fight between parents and children, because the parents forcing the child to eat.

In fact, fat-skinny child can not be used as a benchmark for judging the “cleverness” of parents in caring for children. On the other hand, do not be surprised if told to eat, he immediately rejected. If forced, will gradually make children associate the meal as an unpleasant so eat even more difficult. In fact, if the parents know the tricks, the child will definitely be eating. The important thing we are sure the child does not want to eat not because of illness. Characteristics, although not want to eat, the child remains active.

If the child is engrossed pursue something to lose track of time eating, parents should explain the need to eat. For example, “If the brother does not want to eat, will be sick brother. If brother ill, will be able to play baseball and to school, loh. Kan, will also be able to play baseball at the school.”

If the child does not want to eat but actually in operation, then indeed he was chosen to hold off eating. Do not be pushy, just put a plate of food next to him and asked him to eat when you’re done. Or, when he was playing, just provide finger food / snacks that they can easily pulls out without leaving the fun. You should always provide a healthy snack that contains enough nutrients, such as bakwan vegetables. After they told me hungry, provide new rice and side dishes complete.

Another trick, when the meal arrives, if necessary, we offer children what to eat. Usually, if by choice, children would eat with gusto.

Often due to being busy cooking in the kitchen or read the newspaper, we “drive out” kids who want to invite to chat. In fact, in preschool, the brain is always filled with curiosity that wants immediately answered, no matter at any occasion.

If at any time a child expressing curiosity but never responded appropriately, then this curiosity long eroded. Kids are so lazy to ask, because whenever asked, never ignored his parents.

Worse yet, children become apathetic. At every opportunity, he’s still lazy to open his mouth for growing feeling, her disturbing for parents. On the other hand, a parent wants a child, curious and daring to express his thoughts.

Should the parents do not turn off the children’s curiosity. When children ask when we’re being bothered or do not want to be bothered, make a deal with the child. Tell him, for example, “Sis, Mom is busy in the kitchen. What about five minutes?” Because preschoolers do not know the concept of hours, use an alarm. This object must exist when we started to make a deal with a child based on time. Show me with alarm, what time (the short needle and needle length in any number) mother is inviolable. Naturally the mother must be consistent with the agreed time.

Through the “deal alarm”, children are trained patience without losing the opportunity to communicate with parents. Eventually he will learn, when the right time to ask questions or chat with parents. For example, a mother can not be questioned if it was just in the kitchen or home office. Alternatively, the father did not want to be disturbed when he was reading a newspaper. Kids will also learn to respect other people’s privacy and bustle.

In the matter of safety, it should not be a word compromise. But what often happens, parents forbid without telling the reason. Moreover explain its function properly. For example, a child cutting paper with scissors commonly used parents for cutting fabric. Looking at it, would instantly grab the scissors parents and said in a high voice, “No way! This is not a toy scissors!”

Actually, the best learning is learning with real objects. Knife or scissors into a dangerous item or not, depending on how we introduce it. If we prohibit child holding scissors without showing the actual function, certainly raises a question mark on the boy, “Why, why, I may not play baseball scissors?” Curiosity finally make children even use scissors to harmful things, when he was not under the supervision of parents.

Remember, in preschool, a child’s curiosity is very large. Children also tend to like something that is rarely exposed to them, are like sharp objects. As a result, they become more and more tempted to try. But if from the beginning to be told, “Sis, this sharp scissors. It’s part of sharp scissors. So be careful handling it. Brother may use these scissors, but how to wear it like this.”

With parents explaining and demonstrating, the child will understand. He will be more confident when using sharp objects that because it memunyai good control.

Mothers who care for their child at school is often argued his son is not ready to be left. In fact, this is like a vicious circle. Every child has the feeling of attachment to their parents. If the mother is “not willing” to leave their children in the classroom, these feelings can be read by children. As a result, your child will feel anxious and consequently in the classroom to be fussy. While the mother saw him cranky because they can not be left. So, like a circle unbroken.

Importantly, the preparedness of the factors had an impact on its success during the process of learning in kindergarten. Apart from the age it was about time, the child must have been less dependent on others, especially the elderly. If he is still not ready, can every day you have to sit with and even accompanied him in class. Actually, not every kindergarten allows children attended and accompanied as it was. If allowed, only during the first few days only. Furthermore, children should have its own entrance into the classroom and joined his friends classmates.

Problems often arise waiting children with mothers who did not work. That’s because as a full time mother, poured out their time fully to always spend time with children. Before the school year, mothers can bring their children to nowhere. As soon as school children, these relationships become disconnected. Perhaps psychologically, the mother lose their identity, so it continues to pursue a relationship with the child, by her side continues, including waiting at the school.

Whereas if kept unattended, the child’s confidence be undeveloped. He was not being sure I could take care of himself. Whereas in the preschool years, it is important for children to have a sense of authority, the ability to regulate itself.

Moreover, this situation could confuse the child because on the one hand, he always attended and supervised by the mother, but on the other hand, he also demanded independence. For example, should feed themselves, bath themselves and others.

Stop waiting children in school. If this action can not be done directly, then do it gradually. For example, only the first fifteen minutes he attended, then leave until the time picked up.

There are also cases of children already want to be left but one time he wanted to be waited on his parents in the school with an assortment of reasons. In this case, may be a parent to the wishes of the child but did not have to sit with all the time. Enough during the first 15 minutes (in the classroom or in the window class where permitted) after it withdrew to an area not seen the child.

If the mother is “unable” to separate from her, try doing beneficial activities on the sidelines waiting time. Among them, the mother can put themselves into the school as a volunteer (volunteers), for example, become a story teller (narrator in class) or the coordinator of social activities organized school.

It’s okay to give a lot of toys to children, but what is the meaning of it all when parents never accompany children to play. Often parents argued, “After all, children are bought toys that are educational.” For example, pasel or block stacking game. In fact, without the assistance of parents, children unable to understand the function of the toy.

Actually, no matter what kind of toys are given to children, it did not matter. Including robot-robotan and weapons that often were classified not educational toys. All the better the child plays both the toy but accompanied by a parent rather than play educational toys but a child left to play alone.

Because, with parents accompany children to play, minimal parents can introduce something new in children through the media toy. When children play cap pistol, parents can explain the usefulness of these weapons that the pistol used not for the purpose of sadism but for more positive purposes, for example.

In other words, any toy can be educational for parents can use the toy as a medium to convey messages to children. Especially in preschool where the cultivation of social values widely introduced, the toy can be an effective medium.

At the age of 4 years, children begin to have the urge to do anything themselves. They are at a stage of authority or want to show who I am. Cognitive ability is increasing rapidly also encouraged them to always want to do anything themselves. But because it is still learning, would need parental guidance. The better ones, children are given choices, then taught responsible choice. But that often happens, parents precisely the opposite.

Everything for children chosen and decided by the parents without involving the child. The attitude of parents who really do not like this either the impact on children’s development. One of them, so the child can not make a choice. He tends to be followed in the choices and decisions of others. Pity, is not it?

Important to teach children to decide their own choices. For example, choosing clothes that will be worn after bathing, going to the mall, or a nightgown. When the child’s parents are worried selection does not match, then the parents can provide some alternative choices, “Brother want to wear the red shirt or blouse yellow flowers?”

Of course, for things that are inherently dangerous, parents can not give you a choice. But children should be explained, why he can not play with scissors belongs to the parents, for example. Then give the alternative, namely clippers designed specifically for children. But the play accompanied by a parent.

That way, the child is satisfied. He also knows, why there are things that should and should not, particularly with regard to safety. If necessary, make a list of things that can still be compromised and who is not. Describe it all to children. From here the child can see, “Though I should baseball do A, but I could do B.” Children also learn, not everything he wanted he would get.

Giving children the opportunity to choose not only teaches self-reliance, but also makes the child feel valued because it may select and believed to run his choice. With accustomed given the choice, children will also learn to take responsibility for his choice. Gradually, he honed his ability to decide things better.

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