Social conditions

Social conditions

Standard of Living

Insurance is strongly associated with a person’s life, thus living standards are maintained person will affect insurance needs.

Public opinion

Often in many situations we are often influenced by the opinions of society. Opinion inibenar can also be lost, though some people swallow opinions circulating in the community. As a result, these conditions can encourage the emergence of needs including berasuransinya needs.


Insurance needs are also influenced by special interests. When someone would continue Kelua public education, usually are required to have insurance protection. It can also occur in other activities, especially in business activity.

Mental attitude

Mental attitude affects the perception of risk faced by a person, because it is the insurance needs will also be affected by a person’s mental attitude.

Economic conditions

Purchasing power

Someone who has enough purchasing power is likely to meet its needs. Although most people only pay attention to the needs that are material, Kelihan and to the eye, it does not mean that the concerned does not require insurance needs. Thus, such people stirred pelu critical awareness of insurance. However, there are also some people who have realized the need of purchasing power when there sufficient insurance to cover these needs.


Actually, there are insurance requirements in each individual. However, the size of benefits in akadkan as well as what type of insurance is usually influenced by how much income.

Financial establishment

Many people think that if the already established financial condition, shall no longer require insurance. Obviously this view is wrong, the insurance does not have to be associated with personal risk, but can also be associated with social risk. That is, for this kind of insurance needs more influenced by social factors in the surrounding areas.

Insurance needs appropriate stage of life

Insurance needs at birth

For young couples, the birth of the baby is an event that is highly anticipated. Starting from menyiapklan name, beds, clothes, and so on. However, no less important is menyiapkam funding for aged delivery, including pre- and post-childbirth. Of course many ways of setting up the fund. Among the young can design the fund for the purposes of labor through an insurance program. One use within the insurance program could be followed by applicants who want the benefits of the cost of labor is the health insurance maternity care. The downside of this is an insurance product can not stand alone, but is an additional benefit of hospitalization insurance as its main product.

Health insurance reimburse inpatient treatment rooms, ICU, surgical suite, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, lab, x-rays, diagnostic support, anesthesia, Jada doctor, ambulance and of Administrative. It also reimburse the cost of physician services and laboratories before hospitalization and cost control after hospitalization.