Smart Way to Pass Timely Lecture for Students

Smart Way to Pass Timely Lecture for Students

Pleasure, emotion, pride, all must be mixed when the day graduation arrives. Tribulation in college will never be felt again, unless he really intend to continue college to the next higher level. Well, this graduation would be the desire of every student, even graduating college just in time to be a dream that must be achieved.

However, today not all students can feel it due to various things, be it because of the influence on the association, the lack of attention related to the lecture such as schedule, course or guidance. In fact, if the graduation can be achieved in time, of course, can quickly get a job.

Nothing is impossible, every student must be able to graduate from college just in time. This of course there must be support from yourself, namely in the form of effort and hard work. In order for the dream to come true, here are some smart ways that can be applied.

1. Know Liability as a Student

Obligations of all students around the world it is the same that is learning a wide range of science according to the majors taken. If during the learning process run in earnest it will certainly get a good value. That way, the journey during the lecture will run smoothly without any obstacles such as bothering to repeat the same subjects the following year. So that time can be used to think of other things related to the lecture. For example, the title of thesis or searching for a journal in accordance with the theme of the thesis taken.

2. Maximize the number of credits

Each college must have a credit system semester or so-called SKS. With this system, students may choose their own courses to be taken in one semester. However, there is a maximum limit of SKS that has been determined, ie as many as 24 credits.

Note the number of credits each semester, if each compile the course and there is still the remaining SKS then there is no harm in taking courses in the upper semester. So that the entire SKS is full without any wasted. Need to be reminded, fill SKS according to the ability to learn. Consult the lecturers very well done so that the lecture process can run smoothly.

3. Follow Well Lecture Sessions

Although each student has a quota of absent three times from the number of meetings in the classroom, but very unfortunate if the presence of college is not utilized with the maximum. Remember that classroom attendance is very influential on the knowledge gained.

It’s true that if you do not go to college, you can read books anywhere. But, hearing the direct explanation from the lecturer will certainly maximize the knowledge gained. Moreover, in general, each lecturer will give a simple example or case so that the students are more understanding about what is explained. Therefore, follow the lecture sessions well for the knowledge gained so optimally.

4. Set Schedule Guidance with Lecturers

Almost every student assumes that some of life and death as a student while in college is in the hands of supervisors. Because, dosenlah who will guide, teach during the process of doing thesis to complete.

So, the more often met lecturers to discuss about the topic of thesis, then the work of thesis can be completed faster. Given the dense schedule of lecturers, it’s best to schedule a good guidance. Choose the right day without having to interrupt your schedule or lecturer.

5. Put aside the rah-rah

Most college students have difficulty controlling their lectures and worldly pleasures like rah-rah with friends and so on. In fact, worldly pleasures are temporary. Instead of spending a Sunday night or a day off at a cafe, mall or other hangout place, better take advantage of the time by reading a book, reading a journal, doing a task or continuing the work of a thesis.

It’s ok to hangout with friends, but do not rule out your obligation as a student, that is learning. It would be better if you change the hangout time by learning with friends. Try to take advantage of the time you have as possible in order to graduate on time can be realized.

6. Share the Time Well

Undeniably the burden borne during the lecture is not small, including having to attend regular lecture sessions, meet supervisors, do group work and busy taking care of organizational events. The large number of activities that must be done to make you must be smart to divide the time.

Make a list of what to do. Then, decide which activities are the top priority that must be run. That way, will facilitate you when running in various kinds of lecture activities.

7. Determine Thesis Topics Since Beginning

Thesis is part of graduation process of every student. To be more matan and easy saar pengerjaannya, should determine the thesis topic to be taken. Choose a topic that you like and master the knowledge so much easier and eager when completing the thesis.

Discuss with lecturers, to make it easier when determining the best thesis. That way, there is no more reason to procrastinate the thesis, so you can pass just in time.

Do it Seriously
Want to graduate on time or want to be an immortal student, all decisions are in the hands of yourself. If you want to graduate quickly, then do it seriously. Start with a strong intention, then do it with discipline in every process that is run and do not forget imbangi with prayer. Because whatever the dream if done with a serious effort will certainly produce good results as well