Smart Way to Manage Debt To Not Be Bad Debt

Smart Way to Manage Debt To Not Be Bad Debt

No doubt, some people still think having debt is the wrong choice and should be avoided. Better to buy everything in cash rather than having to owe, or delay buying anything that is necessary if you do not have the money.

Such thinking is a principle for some people, especially those who live with a simple pattern of aliases resigned and with regular income and expenditure alias that’s it every month.

There is nothing wrong with that thinking, considering that debt can be a heavy burden for finances, especially if it can not be managed properly. Not a bit, because of debt, the two sides of the war even ended at the green table. Even the debt also often ends with the forcible seizure of assets by the winner of the case. asuransi pendidikan

All that, it would be very painful, right? That’s why many people who feel anti-everything against the smell of debt, so many people are careful and selective spending money and avoid debt.

Importance of Debt

Even so, the thought of no need for debt is also not entirely correct thinking. Because not infrequently the debt is needed to start and build a business or business, and seize better opportunities in life.

Well, in such conditions, then the debt is one that can be utilized to make it happen. Because talking about business, there are many obstacles that always be the trigger factor, one of which is capital.

Although not always a major factor in a business, the reality shows that it is almost impossible to build a business without capital. Capital constraints can be overcome by applying for loans, for example to the bank, which is for productive purposes. For that, it can be said that debt is the solution to the business’s financial problems.

Well, productive or not the debt taken, depending on how to manage and use it. Although some people argue that debt is a bad thing, but on the other hand there are many successful businesses and able to survive because it uses some funds from debt as initial capital.

Then, How to Manage Debt?

When we allocate the debt properly and can manage it properly, then debt becomes a useful thing. How to manage debt? Consider the following case example as the picture:

For example, you are a Manager with a net salary of Rp12 million per month. You also have a son who will go to school, and of course this requires some fees. Then you have a mortgage loan of Rp 3 million per month, while your wife is not working.

Based on the financial expert, the maximum percentage of debt / expense of a person is 40% of total expenditure. Thus, your ability to have debt is:

40% x Rp12 million = Rp4.8 million

Your expenses and your family per month outside of the mortgage loan are around Rp1.5 million. Thus, you have a total expenditure of Rp3 million + Rp1.5 million = Rp4.5 million.

This figure is still within safe limits because it does not exceed the debt percentage limit. But when your child starts school, there will be additional expenses you need to think about.

If your school fees have been met from the education savings that have been prepared before, but you still have to provide for other necessary costs, such as for transportation, pocket money, and so forth.

Well, after calculated, this child pocket money can disiasati by bringing supplies every day, but transportation costs can be quite large, say for Rp500 thousand per month.

But the fact is, you have to work while your wife can not do a child’s school shuttle because they do not have a vehicle, say motorcycle. If the ride, then the fare will be much larger than that number.

So, one solution is to buy a motorcycle on credit, so your wife can shuttle school children.

So your financial details are:

Mortgage mortgage debt of Rp 3 million per month
Monthly expenditure of Rp1.5 million
Motorcycle credit Rp14 million (down payment Rp2 million taken from savings)

So the total loan from motor credits Rp12 million (24 month period, so the installment is Rp500 thousand per month)
So you will have an additional expense of Rp500 thousand per month, but the additional cost of motor credits will be more useful than you have to spend the same amount of money for transportation every month.