Smart Tips for Choosing a School For Children The Good And Right

Smart Tips for Choosing a School For Children The Good And Right

Why choose a school for children needs to be done? Is this a necessity? Or just the sheer prestige of seeing the neighbor’s children to send their children to a favorite school? Choosing a school for children is not a must but make children safe, quiet and comfortable in school is something that should be considered by all parents. The consideration like this, there is a school that has a teacher or teacher who galaknya for mercy, tantrums to his children and impatient. Imagine if our children are taught by a teacher like that? In addition to the aspect of teaching, consideration of choosing a school for the children is the location of the school, school conditions, school curriculum, school fees and some other aspects as described below

Smart Tips for Choosing a School For Children The Good And Right
Teacher or Educator
As described above, prior to getting children into school, try to find out about the teacher or teachers who will be teaching your children, do not let your child feel frightened when they are in the classroom for just a teacher. Do not want the children we constantly scolded by the teacher? Remember, teachers are second parents after you, a good teacher is a teacher loving, patient and sincere in teaching and guiding our children

School fees
Today almost all parents want for your school fees of their children, and the government is already doing so. But what about the favorite school? Of course not all schools impose a fee free to get in it, some popular schools and private schools still have expensive rates for sitting bench didalamya school. Therefore, when choosing a school for the children do not just stare at the high school to get into the high school does not necessarily guarantee the child to be smart

School location
Do not let the children go to school is always in a hurry, make them comfortable and quiet before going to school. One of the things that make them uncomfortable in school are not always in a hurry to come to school and always on time. For that, select the location of the school is easily accessible by public transport and do not choose a school that far this than making the child comfortable, in terms of cost also becomes cheaper

Conditions and School Facilities
Choosing a school for the children do not need any vehicle shuttle facility, except for certain schools, what if we stay in the village or commune? So far there is still no school in the village that has amenities vehicle pick-up, which is important even though no such vehicles, the condition of the school is feasible and safe for children eg getting good schools, safe, school roof that does not leak, the school building tidy , clean, school gardens are always treated and so forth that make the school a safe, cool, neat, and beautiful (ASRI) so that with these conditions will make children feel comfortable to school. Moreover, in terms of facilities also is quite complete although our children school in the village, many also loh schools in the villages have full facilities, especially schools early childhood, there is a place to play, learn, buildings, seating, a good teacher, laboratory, extra-curricular, and others

School reputation
A good school is certainly a good reputation anyway. To see the reputation of a school, note the development of these schools every year or every increase and graduation of students, how the learning outcomes of students there, whether it’s good or not. In addition, note also how the school in addressing delinquency each student, whether to resolve themselves or involve the parents, if it involves the parents of students, the school is good. Additionally find information also about the public’s view of the school, whether people know it or not schools and most importantly, the quality of teachers or teachers who are owned by the school, whether or not

The school curriculum
While initially children attend school from early childhood education or early childhood, but pay attention to learning or what is given by the teacher at the beginning when children go to school is important to know. How early childhood education implemented in these schools? Is it consistent with the child’s age, whether the material is learning there are always new or just-that’s it annually.


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