Small Salaries But Want to Be Fast on Hajj? Select This Investment

Small Salaries But Want to Be Fast on Hajj? Select This Investment

For Muslims, a pilgrimage is a great gift. Hajj pilgrimage is the fifth pillar of Islam and is a sunna alias is not mandatory. But the law will become obligatory for those who are able physically and spiritually in this case finances.

It is not as easy as a pilgrimage to perform the pilgrimage. Not only requires mental and physical preparation, but also requires a lot of money. In fact, the cost for this pilgrimage can increase every year.

So it is only natural that most people who can worship Hajj are those who are able to financially. However, for the ordinary income alone, will never be able to perform the pilgrimage? Of course, I can.

Well, for you who are already dreaming of being able to go Hajj, but the income or salary is mediocre, do not break the charcoal first. You can still perform the pilgrimage by investing sharia.

Then, the investment is classified as Shari’ah is anything so that it can support your desire to be able to immediately hajj this? Consider the following tips:

1. Pure Gold Investment or Precious Metals

This pure gold is usually a bar or can be called a precious metal. You can make this gold instrument as an investment to fulfill the desire of the pilgrimage later. Because gold has a lower risk as an investment instrument. So you can calculate the value to be obtained in the future until it can be used to perform the pilgrimage.

Especially at this time to buy precious metal is very easy, even you can buy it by installments lho. You can get precious metals officially and certified through ANTAM, pawnshops, Sharia banks, and gold shops.

However, although this gold investment has a relatively low risk, it does not provide the convenience of cashflow as in other investments. The gold you own will change into the form of money if it is resold.

Then this precious metal investment can support your commitment to save and prepare your hajj finance. Start buying precious metals according to your ability. But one thing to note is the storage of precious metals.

Because the risk of loss can happen if you just keep it at home, for example. It would be better if you keep gold in a safer place such as renting a deposit box that is usually provided by banks or pawnshops or gold boutiques, and more.

2. Through Sharia Deposits

Saving by way of this deposit there are two kinds, namely conventional deposits and Syariah deposits. If you intend to perform the pilgrimage, of course the type of deposit you choose is usually Syariah deposits.

The principle of deposits is actually just like saving in general. The difference is if the deposit has a period of time for its taking. Unlike bank savings in general that can be taken whenever you want.

But that’s exactly the advantages of deposits. With that time period, it will help you to keep the commitment that the funds remain saved up and collected enough for your hajj pilgrimage. The advantages of this sharia deposit investment are having a low enough risk.

3. Investments in Syariah Bonds or Retail Sukuk

The other type of investment that you can choose to raise funds to go to Hajj is through Sharia (sukuk) retail bonds. In addition to providing a fairly high share of Shariah deposits, bonds are also quite safe because the form of letters issued by the state.

But the shortcomings of this investment is the long term and can not be withdrawn or withdrawn before the deadline has expired (due). So for those of you who need urgent funds, this investment is not reliable. But because the risks are quite low, many people choose this as an investment choice pilgrimage.

4. Investment of Islamic Mutual Funds

This type of investment is indeed going to grow quite rapidly in a few years, so no wonder if many people choose it as an investment option for savings pilgrimage. Mutual funds can you start with a fairly affordable capital. Do not even need to go directly to take care of capital development that you plant because it will be managed directly by the Investment Manager who is already professional.

However, the risk of this type of investment does have a small profit compared to you jump directly to manage your investment funds. But for those of you who do not have experience managing shares it would be better to submit management to professional experts. But keep studying carefully before you start investing in a mutual fund.

5. Sharia Sharia Investment

Investing in shares does have considerable risk, but it’s worth the profit you can get. This is why stock investing is known as high risk high return. So the risk you receive will be proportional to the amount of profit you get. Risks in the stock market can not be taken into account, but the impact can be minimized.

Sharia Shares performed by issuers or companies that sell their shares to the public are not contrary to the teachings of Islam. Sharia shares use a profit-sharing system and risks between investors and issuers through deliberations. Sharia stock investment does not recognize ghahar and maysir. Ghahar is giving misleading information. While maysir is taking excessive risk.

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