Single point of failure

Single point of failure


You have no liquidity of buffer for emergencies and everything is tied up investments you cannot liquidate quickly. Emergencies do happen and you have to expect them. When they do happen and you have to expect them. When they do happen and you require cash, you have to have at least some at your disposal. You need to have an emergency cash fund available and a buffer to sustain you through the duration of the emergency.

One family I learnt this from had 2 milion they put in fixed deposits is small amounts . In term of abuffer, it is critical to have at least six months of your expenses ready in case you lose your source of income.

Blind leading the blind

You have gone into an investment because somebody advised you or a group of friends have done so, but not because you have done your own research.

You need to be clear on why you are picking a specific investment, even if somebody gives you a tip, you still have to ensure that you are making an informed decision, not following someone elses tip. If you have done so, quickly do your research. Find out all you can about the investment, if you find out you have made all you can about the investment. If you find out you have made the right decision and came in at the right time, then stick with it, if not find a wal to liquidate this and get out of it fast.

It is critical that both you and your children are able to identify dangereous investment situations so that you can avoid them in your journey towards creating wealth, if you alrady find ypurself in a dangereous financial position financial position, find a way to get out of it fast. Sell or divest the investment to  recoup your captal as quickly as quickly as you can. Asuransi pendidikan