Shopping Tips Careful and Save Imlek

Shopping Tips Careful and Save Imlek

Lunar New Year celebrations such as Lanterns and Barongsai attractions color shopping centers in various cities. Typical decorations of red and gold nuances increasingly perfecting the Chinese New Year celebrations. Not only that, the celebration of Chinese New Year in Indonesia is also colored with a variety of large discount offer from various shopping centers to tourist attractions.

Sale and Lunar New Year promotions scattered everywhere, from online to offline. So what is the right time to shop and travel? But how to shop and travel carefully and thrifty so that your finances stay healthy until the end of the month arrives. Check out the tips of utilizing the following Lunar New Year celebration:

Almost all places, ranging from malls, supermarkets, restaurants to tourist attractions offer tempting discounts. Tempted? It’s okay, but it’s best that you start learning to apply careful thought when transacting. That is, for those of you who have a credit card, then you are one step ahead in taking advantage of discount or promo during Imlek to save expenses. In this case, credit cards are beneficial to help you get attractive discounts ranging from the price of basic needs to travel purposes. Here are a variety of shopping discounts during the Lunar New Year to be listened to:

1. Culinary

You can celebrate the Lunar New Year with your family and enjoy a variety of food menu at your favorite restaurant without draining your wallet. In order to eat with family to stay thrifty, take advantage of credit cards. There are many discounts to eat in restaurants that will make your spending more efficient.

Just look at there are many discounts on restaurants ranging from BCA credit cards that give 20% discount at Wayang Bistro, 15% discount at Kyochon Restaurant etc, up to 30% discount on Mad for Garlic and 15% discount at Pancious Pancake when paying by credit card Citibank, there is also a 20% discount promo for dining at Angke Restaurant and a 15% discount on Fish & Co with transactions using a Standard Chartered credit card.

2. Shopping at Supermarkets

Shopping at supermarkets can be more efficient if you have a credit card. Especially now almost every swayalan market now offers various kinds of promo / discount for certain credit card holders. For example, BNI credit card holders LotteMart Gold and Platinum, you can get 5% discount on every purchase of Lotte Mart brand product, Cash back 3% for every shopping transaction at Lotte Mart Hypermarket up to 0.5% Cash back for installment transaction.

More exciting again, every time you shop, you can collect BNI Reward Points which is calculated every transaction Rp2.500, – and multiplication applies. This point can later be redeemed in accordance with applicable terms.

For more info, you can open the credit card info page of BNI LotteMart Card Gold and BNI LotteMart Card Platinum.

3. Online Shopping

Online shopping by credit card use can be a positive benefit for your finances. Just look at the promo that has UOB credit card, you can shop at Lazada and get an additional discount up to Rp200.000, – In addition there is also a discount up to 7% for shopping at Blibli by using a credit card Standard Chartered.

4. Shopping Children Clothes to Toys

Shopping for children’s clothing to play with credit card promo is also a practical solution in frugality. For example, Metro Mega Card offers a 10% direct discount for transactions at Metro Departement Store. In addition to enjoying a 10% discount throughout the year, there is also a special bithday program program on your birthday.

5. Vacationing

Confused want to find a vacation spot where? You can take advantage of the promo discount of Rp200.000, – which is being offered by credit card Citi Visa logo special shopping tickets and hotel messages via Traveloka. Or for those of you who want to vacation with dear family, can visit Jakarta Aquarium located in Mall Neo Soho, and more exciting again there is a 20% discount just by using credit card BCA.

Alternatively, you can play and swim as much at Snowbay Waterpark with special discount rates up to 40% with transactions using a BTN credit card.

For more info, you can open the Citibank credit card promo page, BCA credit card and BTN credit card. asuransi pendidikan