Shop Wise Ways

Shop Wise Ways

God expects us to have faith but also have a reasonable plan to utilize the resources He has given us. The best way to organize your finances and avoid debt is to plan everything before expenses or temptations occurred.

START WITH THE BUDGET. A budget is a guideline that directs and remind your ability. Creating a budget does not make you more prosperous but can limit the need to spend money and help you that are not into debt.

DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE BUDGET. Many are aware of the need for a good budget, but few complied. Only 25% of American households that do. Fifty percent said it wanted budget but were never able to stick with it. Make a plan and stick to it carefully.

Prioritizing SPENDING. Make a list according to what you think is important. Start with the major needs (housing, food, cars, electricity and telephone, insurance and taxes). Then list what “you should have” (clothing, furniture, etc.). Recently register the items you wish to have.


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GIVE GOD FIRST. If you do this with a good top priority, the next steps become easier. God makes it clear that he received the first-fruits of your income, not the left. The key to honoring God through finances is to remember that your money is not your money. God owns it and gives you the corresponding grace.

PAY BILLS ON TIME. Create a budget that allows you to pay all your bills in full and on time every month. If you have not been able to pay off all of them. Pay for the amount of the entire bill and cultivate the intention to pay all the debts you owe. If you are not able to pay routine bills, it’s time to move to a smaller house, wearing an older model car, or make drastic cuts until you can menngimbangi your income and expenses.

Rid DEBT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Debt makes heavier responsibilities. Do not make yourself a slave to the creditor. Do not owe, unless you have the definite plans for repayment. What is clear, stay away from the debt if you can not mengatasiya.

PLAN FUNDING NEEDS SUDDEN. Small needs a sudden going to spend your budget every month, unless you set aside some funds in the budget. For example, for a sick dog, a car radiator was broken, back to school, clothing, etc.

Have fun. Use your money for personal pleasure. After setting up your finances wisely and given generously, it was time to enjoy the fruits of the fruits of your work.

IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY, INVOLVE THEM. When you create a list of priorities, it is important to involve all family members so that they understand the priorities and stay focused on the goal

IF YOU HAVE A SPOUSE, GIVE ASSIGNMENT PAY THE BILLS. It’s not about control, both of you have to understand the financial condition and the destination, but the most Break the fourth wall that should do it.


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