Safe Tricks to Shop Online

Safe Tricks to Shop Online

Currently no need to shop directly to the shopping places, just do it from home via via online. Currently there are many online shopping sites that exist, ranging from local shopping sites to overseas that offer a variety of goods needed.

Online shopping is not only easy to do, but buying goods online can also get you items at a cheaper price than other conventional stores. But still buying goods online also need to be considered. Well here are some safe tricks to shop online that you can do:

1. Check the Credibility Store or Online Site

The first thing you need to do is check the credibility of the online store or site you use. Today many online sites are trusted and facilitate you in transact. The payment system also avoids the risk of fraud in shopping.

But if you buy through online stores, you should make sure further related addresses and contact numbers on the online store. Do not forget to look for testimonials and reviews from consumers who have been buying products from the online store before. asuransi pendidikan prudential

2. Pay attention to Product Specifications

Do not forget to pay attention to the specifications of the products you buy. Buying goods online makes it impossible to see the item directly. If only seen from the picture alone, many online shops that do not provide original image of the product. So inevitably must check the specifications of the goods carefully.

3. Do not Be Tempted with Cheap Goods

Shopping via online will make you get the goods with a cheaper price. But do not rush to buy goods with a very cheap price, especially if it is far from the market price. Included with branded goods at a greater discount and unreasonable. It could be the lure of cheap prices is just a trap in order to fool existing consumers. So pay attention back when will buy goods via online.

4. Credit or Debit Card

Transaction via online is most secure and convenient when using the card, whether it is debit or credit. But even so it will be more secure if using a credit card when compared with debit cards. Why? This is because with a credit card you can cancel the transaction if the goods purchased do not go up or not in accordance with the order.

In addition, credit card is an extension of credit, whereas if using a debit card then means taking money directly from your bank account. Of course this is very risky because if the information is leaked then make hackers can mess up the finances easily.

5. Keep Password Well

Many online sites that require users to log in before going to transactions by entering the username and password of the account. For that it would be better to create account password is quite difficult and only you who know. Do not show others to anticipate unwanted risks.

6. Do Not Give Up Information

When making an online purchase will usually be required to fill in some data, starting from name, address for shipping purpose. But often the online stores will try to get more information that can be used to increase sales. So do not ever give the answer that feels suspicious.

7. Save the Transaction Proof

Do not forget to keep all the proof of transaction you do. Starting from the product description, the price of the goods, the digital quantity, the email copy between the seller with you, as well as other matters related to the proof of the transaction being made.