Required Skills in the Current Era

Required Skills in the Current Era

How old are you today? Whatever it is, it is not a big problem. Whatever work you are doing right now, whether students or entrepreneurs, you still have to have skill alias ability. All human beings have different skills. So do not ever say that you do not have the skills.

God created people with different skills and talents. It’s just that the talent is obtained literally or naturally. While the skill is something that can be sharpened to be sharper from day to day.

In today’s sophisticated era, having the skill is mandatory. Especially if you want to get a decent position in the community. The loudness of the competition that currently exists requires you to be more and more than the others. For that, there are some skills that you should have in the present era. What are they?

1. Able to speak foreign language

How many languages ​​do you currently master? If only mastering the mother tongue (Indonesian), it’s time to switch to master a foreign language. Especially in an era like now, mastering one language is not enough. Globalization and MEA are already happening, this requires you to be able to speak foreign languages.

Of the many languages ​​in the world, English is a language that must be mastered. English is defined as an international language. Wherever you go, English will still be used. If you are already proficient in English, you can try other languages. For example: Mandarin, Japanese, German, French, or Spanish.

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2. Public Speaking

This is equally important when compared with foreign languages. Be brave and able to speak in front of many people to be a skill that you must have. Especially in today’s age that is all paced presentation. Both applying for work and working together, both require you to be brave and able to public speaking. This ability you can get by often speaking in front of many people. Take advantage of presentation tasks in front of the classroom to improve the ability of public speaking and self-confidence. asuransi pendidikan

3. Able to Operate Microsoft

If you are still a student, the ability to operate Microsoft is not too important. However, this will be very useful if you want to find a job. If you can operate at least 3 Microsoft applications, then you will get more value in the eyes of the company. Never too late to learn. If you are young, take advantage of your young age to learn to hone skills.

4. Able to Operate Image Processing Software

Being able to process images may seem trivial, but this is very useful. If you are able to manage software, such as: Photoshop or Corel Draw, you will have more value. This ability can be utilized to generate rupiah coffers. You can also use it to earn additional income. Interested?

5. Able to Write

Writing here is not just scanning what’s in the book into a notebook. Writing here means to be able to string words to produce a good sentence. Believe it or not, this ability can make you prosper. Currently, many media require writers to content writers in magazines or tabloids. In addition to writing in magazines, you can also post your writing on some sites. If your writing is good and informative, then the site will not directly hire you. Get money instantly? Maybe once you have this skill.

6. Able to Understand Programming Language

Programming languages ​​are hard to understand. However, it does not mean this language can not be learned yes. For those of you who really want to learn about codes in programming, you can start right now. For starters, you just need to understand the basic language only. Gradually, you can switch to more difficult programming languages. You can learn this from an expert friend operating a computer. Can also follow the course.

Choose Compatible With Expertise and Hobbies
Never too late to learn. If the skills you have are still mediocre, start from now. You can use friends, the Internet, and even take courses to hone skills owned.