Regardless of Past Bad Parenting

Regardless of Past Bad Parenting

It does not matter if you consider them to have been lousy paents, just do it anyway. Regardless if they were not arround when you needed them, or cheated on their spouse, you need to honour them because it is principle.
When we look at our parents, there are so many things that they have done wrong and in hindsight they could have done better or maybe even learnt more. You may have the education and the insight they did not have . all this does not matter. Don’t live from your hurt, but live from accurate convistions and principles and teach your children to do this as well.

Most people feel that if their parents made bad mistakes, they do not have to talk to them or work with them. They carry this unforgiveness and eventually pass these bad habits on to their children.
This unforgiveness begins to eat them up and allows other negative influences and thought to come in. keep your mind free of negative emotions, thought and feelings. You will have better health, a better mind, and attract wealth. Negative emotions attract other negative emotions, thought and actions. My mentor always say when speaking about this context, “ don’t steal from the mafia !”.

Lets teach this to our children as well. Most people live with emosional wounds and scars from their past caused by their parents. These are what I call “wealth inhibitor” and “life inhibitors”. The full life that we and also our children could have enjoyed would be cut short because of negativity, fear and resentment that heve built up over many years.

The key is to free ourselves of this and then teach our children how to free themselves as well.

You can free yourself from to the wealth and life inhibitors by doing this.
-Learn to forgive and let go
-Learn to visulize good things and not bad things that your parents did for you.
-Learn to move in circles and have friends that are positive towards megative situations. Birds of aa feather flock together, this, im sure, you have heard, so don’t be a negative bird.
-Learn how to handle the negativity of others by preparing earlier. By this I mean to be prepared for them acting in a negative way and resolve not to give in to their negativity by matching their negative responses. Walk away or think of something positive.