Reasons Why Black Pink Is Not Just Beautiful And Talented Also Inspiring

Reasons Why Black Pink Is Not Just Beautiful And Talented Also Inspiring

Blackpink is one of the few hundred girl groups in South Korea that debuted in 2016. The group is fronted by 4 beautiful members who are not only good at singing, but also rapping and dancing that is Jisoo, Jenie, Rose and Lisa.

Blackpink is a girl group with many brilliant achievements, has a lot of music and songs with high quality. Girl group debutant of South Korea’s famous agency, YG Entertainment is carrying the concept of ‘girl crush’ and has many fans from all over the world.

Here are the various achievements that Blackpink achieved in the South Korean music industry:

Being the first Korean idol group to enter ‘Hot Billboard Chart 100 Canada’

Being the first Korean girl group MVnya (DDU DDU DDU) at most on ‘streaming’ on Youtube within 24 hours
Started Japanese debut with 1400 spectators on their inaugural Showcase
MV ‘As if it your last’ became the most video getting likes (worldwide) during the year 2017 on Youtube.
And many more, if their number of achievements as an idol can reach dozens, even in only the second year of their career.

Positive Inspirations You Can Imagine from Blackpink:
1. Popular for Talent and Hard Work

Many say Blackpink can be famous only because of their beautiful visuals and come from a great agency, without knowing the members of Blackpink have to face a variety of hard training to improve their quality and can be worthy to debut.

Their time as a trainee can reach 3-5 years and the preparation of a long debut is certainly to make them have a pretty good skill as Idol. Because it comes from a large agency, of course the burden they feel even more severe because not only carry the name of the group and personal but also the company where they take shelter.

2. Reply to ‘Haters’ with Achievements

Behind his big fandom, Blackpink did not escape the attacks of the ‘Haters’ and often said they did not deserve to be a top girl group because they lacked talent and just boosted the big name of the agency.

Not lonely from the attacks of his haters, Blackpink still reply with various achievements. Even when Blackpink did not do group promo activities and had not made a comeback for 8 months, still did not drown their name as a popular group in South Korea.

3. Increasingly Popular Qualified

The reason why Blackpink just started comeback since the last song ‘As if it your last’ and takes 8 months is because they want to provide quality music, songs and albums for their fans and K-pop music lovers.

If most of the intense group releases the song in its debut year so that its popularity does not go down. Blackpink chose to improve the quality of their musicality and deserve to wait because the process is long but satisfactory results.

4. Have a Cheerful Personality and Low Heart

Being popular and idolized many people instead of making Blackpink bigger heads even more humble them. For the fan service business, Blackpink is popular with fans and often greets fans through social media.

During the promotional activities of any album Blackpink known to treat his fans with a smile, friendliness and always say thank you. So no one if many Blackpink who choose to continue faithful in his fandom.

Success Not only because of Sheer Talent but also Hard Work

Everyone has different talents, but success is not only achievable just because you have talent. All should be honed including talent, if you just have lazy and big head to what you already have, it means you are just one step closer to failure. It would be wise if your great talent is accompanied by hard work in improving the quality of your talent.