There is a classic story about a mother who believes that hitting is an important part of the discipline. Until one day she watched her little daughter who was 3 years old hit her younger brother who is 1 year old. When asked his little girl said, “I just pretend to be the mother”. This mother then never again hit their children. Kids love to imitate, especially the people they loved and respected. They assume that it’s okay to mmelakukan whatever you are doing. As parents remember that you’re raising someone who would also be a mother or a father, or being a husband or wife later. The same discipline techniques with which you apply to children who are most likely to use to educate their children later. Family is a training program to teach children how to deal with conflict. Research shows that children from families who love to hit more likely to use violent means to handle conflict as adults later.

Hit shows that valid legal only person hit another person, especially for people who are more likely to hit them smaller. And for those who are powerful to hit weaker. Children learn that when you have a problem then you will finish with the punch. A child whose behavior is controlled with the punches tend to use this method to interact with other relatives, peers, and eventually the couple also breeds.

If you say, “I did not hit my son with hard, not too often. The more time I spend to show my love and affection. Occasional spanking will not be anything “. This logic applies to some children, but on the other children hit will be recorded strong message. You may have a ratio between hugging and hitting a 100: 1 at home, but you forget the risk that your child will remember and be affected by one of the blow than 100 hugs. Especially if blows were filed when it was hit by angry or feeling of injustice, which is too often the case.

Physical punishment shows that it’s okay to vent anger with a punch or hit others because of guilt. This is why the behavior of the parents becomes a very deep impression as a blow itself. How to control the urge to hit someone (controlling punch) is one thing that you are trying to teach your child. By hitting then this teaching has been sabotaged. In the guide spanking usually given a warning not to hit in anger. If this guide is adhered to the 99% of the beating will not happen, because once the parents have to calm down so he could overcome the problem with the right method.

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