Reasons Cause Car Insurance Claim Denied

Reasons Cause Car Insurance Claim Denied

Buying a car is a long-term decisions and involves the largest financial commitment after the purchase of a home. That’s because, you need auto insurance to protect your property from unwanted events. In addition to the direct loss insurance, third party car insurance also needs to be considered.

Third party insurance is basically bear the damage caused to third parties as a result of your car. That’s because, comprehensive car insurance policy is an ideal choice because it covers all the risks associated with the car. Comprehensive car insurance policy usually covers accidents, collision, theft, damage due to natural disasters and third party liability.


You may feel very safe after the car is insured, but there are six common reasons why car insurance claim may be denied: 1) Fixing own car after the accident and then call the insurance company to get the claim. If you do this, your claim may be rejected. Fixing itself damaged cars make the insurance company can not trace back the chronology of the accident and improvements made. Always contact your insurance company immediately after the accident occurred.


Typically, insurance representative will come to check the damage, estimating the extent and cost of the damage and help you get the service repair shop to repair the damage.

2) In the case of used cars, do not forget to change the name in a copy of the policy from the old owner to your name. Insurance recognizes the name of the current owner, and therefore change the name of the old owner to the new owner would be required. If it is complicated, you can buy a new car insurance immediately after buying a used car.

3) When the accident occurred, the driver who drove the car must have a valid driving license. In addition, if it is proven the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs then the claim may be rejected.

4) If you recognize your car as a personal vehicle but used for commercial purposes either for carrying passengers or goods then this condition could cause a denial of the claim.

5) The insurance company may require you to make a claim within a specified time (eg 48 hours to 72 hours). If it fails to do so, the insurance company may deny your claim. More importantly, if the car had an accident and damaged the engine but you keep driving, it could cause further damage to the car. For this reason, the insurance company will refuse your claim.

6) Special cases such as cars parked in no parking zones or passenger load exceeds the seating capacity, it could also be the cause of the denial of insurance claims.


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