Raises Big Profit from the Used Goods Recycling Business

Raises Big Profit from the Used Goods Recycling Business

Usually, when you see the secondhand items without thinking immediately thrown away. In fact, not all used goods can be immediately thrown away.

If you are an observant of opportunities, the used goods will be processed back into something that is not only worthy to use it but also has a new look that is very attractive consumers, so it has a pretty good selling point as well. This is very clear will bring money coffers are not few in number.

For example, wood pieces of used boards that exist around the house can be processed back into a small rack or keychains with a beautiful color display. Or pieces of cloth that accumulate in the house, can be processed again into a pencil and much more.

It is not difficult to start a recycling business, not money that is the main capital but the high creativity that will determine the success of the future. In addition, sales can also be done offline or online.

1. Package of Soft Drink or Detergent

Certainly not a few people who use powder or liquid detergent to wash clothes and consume coffee, milk or other instant powder drink. Instead, the package should not be immediately thrown away.

With high creativity, the package can be transformed into a handicraft or product that can be reused and of course can be sold like a bag, wallet, tissue box, refrigerator and so on.

In addition to not requiring much capital, goods produced from woven bundle of this drink has a high enough selling value. So, you can expect a lot of profits.


If you find it difficult to collect the parcels yourself, do not hesitate to ask for help to a neighborhood confused neighbor or come directly to a middleman. If necessary, provide a price that matches the number of parcels that have been collected. This will speed up the collection process.

Packs that have been collected, wash it first with water just to clean the package from the rest of the powder or detergent.
After dry, then the weaving process can be done.

3. Pallet Used Wood

Usually, we often see this wooden pallet is in every warehouse of goods or large electronic stores are used as a base under it. Well, if the wooden pallet is not used anymore, will certainly be discarded or burned.

In fact, used wood pallets can be re-processed into goods that have a very high price. Why not? Now, many homes, offices or cafes that use used industrial goods used as furniture. Starting from the table, bench or sofa, small shelves, beds and so on.

It is true, one recycling business requires sufficient capital. The reason is, you need to collect used wood pallets from various warehouses or shops that will surely be priced.

It also requires other equipment that supports until it becomes a product. For example, nails, paint, if you want to be a sofa, it will be needed foam plus cloth and so forth. However, do not worry, the turnover of this business is very large can reach billions of dollars.


To get the cheapest price from a used wood pallet, do a survey first in various places. There’s nothing wrong to ask a friend or relative who has many connections to question a used wood pallet.
Do not hesitate to do nego to wooden pallet recepters to get the desired price.
When making the product, try to create a unique item, nice and neat so many consumers are interested.

4. Rags

In general, the fabric of the remains in every convection shirt, hood, sarong, seprey and so forth will be discarded or burned. In fact, if you think back the collection of these fabrics can be a new business is very profitable.

With this free patchwork creations can be a pillowcover pillow, bedcover, footwear, curtains, bags, brooches, funny dolls, and much more. It certainly gives a different look than usual. Pieces of cloth with a variety of motifs sewn back into a new fabric. That way, the display of the product becomes more attractive to consumers.

Capital that needs to be prepared does not need to consume large quantities. At least enough to buy equipment and supplies needed, such as sewing machines, yarns, accessories, and so on.


Look for patchwork in some convection around the house. When the owner gives the price per sack of rags, then bargain so get a cheap price.
Clean and clean the patchwork from chunks of irregular patterns or tangled threads.
Put together a number of patches by sewing each edge so that it becomes a new fabric.
Before making the product, make a pattern first on the fabric to make it easier during the manufacturing process.
Do not forget to add accessories as an additional sweetener on the product display
Business capital: Rp2,000,000

Selling price: Rp25.000 – Rp 500.000

Earnings: in a month sold goods can reach 50 pcs, then the income can be Rp1.250.000 to Rp25.000.000

More Creative and Innovative, More Profits
In addition to reducing the amount of waste that is sure to destroy nature, from soil, water and air, recycling used goods also makes you more profitable. The reason, a product produced from crafts has an artistic value and a high selling price.

When the capital to start this business is not enough, do not give up. There are still money online loans that you can use, for example Unsecured Loans (KTA) in the bank. In addition to processes that do not take long, money will also quickly melt.

Do a new innovative so always create a new product. Asah creativity by looking at products on the market that targeted the community or it could be through the internet. That way, many consumers are interested in buying and selling products from the recycling business selling well in the market, so online loan repayment payments are also no obstacles.

2. Newspapers or Magazines

In general, a newspaper or magazine that has been read stacked in the back of the house, after which sold kepengempul second-hand goods that cost not much.

In fact, even if only from piles of magazines and newspapers used to be processed again into something that may have a high selling price. For example, a bag, a tissue box, a place of fruit, jars, vases, baskets, wall clocks and much more.

Similar to the previous beverage recycling business, running a business from recycled magazines or old newspapers also does not require much capital because the goods are thrown away.

But about the benefits, the products produced from this handicraft have a price that is not cheap, which can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price determined also adjusted to the uniqueness and difficulty level when making the product.


Collection of used magazines or newspapers can be done by asking for help to the neighborhood neighborhood neighbors who subscribe to both readings. In addition, you can also come directly to collectors of used goods. Usually used magazines and newspapers are piled up in large quantities. Rate according to your agreement and the owner of the used goods.