Principles of Takaful

Principles of Takaful

There are things that are jammed into this insurance system as compared with Islamic principles, namely the existence of an element of obscurity (gharar) although the method of practice is in line with the principle of buying and selling exchange as appropriate. Exchange of benefits, namely managers willing to bear or give a guarantee to the participants and attendees pay a premium in return. However, what is justified is something uncertain happened or something that is not clear.

In a dual-purpose products, for example, the participant is obliged to pay a fixed premium for the participant is still alive in the agreement period. For this, participants will get the insurance amount has been determined. However, premiums remain continuously paid is not known for sure how much later in accordance with the amount of insurance paid or exceed the amount of insurance, maybe even less. From this there is also an element of gambling or speculative from both sides.

There are losers and there are those who benefit in conventional insurance practices like this. However, according to the facts in a variety of conventional insurance claims, the pesertalah often harmed. In fact, it is plus assumption of the difficulty of taking care of insurance claims with bebelit cumbersome bureaucracy. Of course the reality is quite contrary to the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad:

"Make it easy by other people's business and you do not complicate; give to you good tidings and do not make them afraid. "

Thus, there are doubts factor doubtful) which instead became forbidden in conventional insurance practices. Here's a brief explanation of factors that show the conventional insurance is not in accordance with Islamic principles.

Incompatibility conventional insurance with sharia

Artifacts Gharar element (vagueness)

Customers do not know how much and how long he will have to pay a premium. Sometimes a customer to pay a premium one time, then he get a claim because of the misfortune that happened to him. However, there are times when a customer has to pay a premium of up to belsan times, did not get the claim, because there is no disaster that happened to him.