Preparing the Hajj Fund

Preparing the Hajj Fund

There are millions of Muslims who queue to perform the pilgrimage to the Holy Land every year, while the quota of candidates for departure is very limited. This is what makes the Hajj Fare (ONH) is also higher.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the pilgrim fund from the beginning, so that when in due time we have sufficient funds to fulfill this 5th pillar of Islam. Moreover, if our income was only mediocre. So, preparing the hajj fund from the beginning to be a necessity, so that what is planned to run well.

Here are some ways you can do to prepare funds for the pilgrimage, including:

1. Calculate Estimated Costs to be Needed

The first thing you should know well is the estimate or estimate of the costs that will be needed for the hajj later. As the number of ONHs will continue to increase each year, and the longer the queue increases, this cost estimate becomes important. asuransi pendidikan

The total cost of Hajj is also distinguished by region / embarkation, which is between regions with each other different, although the difference is not too different. Well, this pilgrimage program has 2 departure options ie ONH and ONH Plus, both of which have different facilities, including the required cost.

Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) conveyed the Cost of Hajj Implementation (BPIH) in 2018 amounting to Rp35.235.602. This amount increased by Rp345,290 from the previous year.

The amount of these fees for the ONH type is normal, while the ONH Plus could be the cost required up to 3 times as much. If you want to register for the pilgrimage program, at least have to prepare funds around Rp25 million for the regular program and about US $ 4000 for the plus.

2. Find and Manage Sign Up Fund Resources

If you look at the amount of the initial registration fee, then it is likely that you will have to prepare the fee for several years first. Look back at your financial condition and your current paying ability.

If you do not have a cash fund that can be allocated directly, then saving regularly is the most appropriate way to cover the cost of this Hajj registration.

For example, if with a salary of Rp6 million a month, then you are able to set aside Rp1 million per month for preparation of pilgrimage funds. And in the next 25 months, you can already have sufficient funds for registration. Well, even the time it takes it can be even shorter if your annual bonus can be allocated partly to the savings.

3. Prepare Fund Repayment and Other Fees

After registering, then immediately prepare funds for the repayment of your hajj costs later. Calculate the difference between your unpaid costs and the estimated cost of your departure in the next few years.

Preparing these funds in the amount will be safer of course, than you will experience difficulties due to the difference in the increase. In addition to your ONH payment fees, some of these costs are also very important to be prepared:

4. Place the Hajj Plan Fund in an Instrument

If you see a long duration in queue up the pilgrimage, then you certainly could have allocated your pilgrimage funds into the form of investment first.

Mutual funds mix or investment in gold can also be the right choice. In addition to the high yield, this investment is also not too affected by inflation problems that can occur at any time.

Have Commitment From the Beginning and Make Your Hajj
Hajj fund is quite big, that’s why you need to prepare it since long ago. Calculate carefully and have a strong commitment in preparing this fund so that your intention of pilgrimage can be done well and smoothly. And the important thing is do not forget to prepare hajj insurance also for worship more calm and comfortable later.