Preparing for the Old Age By Becoming a Pension Fund Participant

Preparing for the Old Age By Becoming a Pension Fund Participant

Planning of old age, joining the Financial Institution Pension Fund or Employer Pension Fund. Preparation of the right future in accordance with the financial ability, cost and time.
The need of life will not stop us is no longer productive work, for that we need a fixed cost to meet the needs at the time of retirement. Here are the steps – to become a participant of the pension program.

How to make the fulfillment of life needs until the retirement period?

There are many ways to prepare income sustainability in the old days. Blame is a pension plan. Pension plan

To provide retirement benefits to participants, by joining the pension plan, we are required to save when we are no longer productive work, we can still receive income to sustain life.

How can I become a participant in a pension fund?

1. The easiest way is to register as a participant of Dana Pensiun Lembaga Keuangan (DPLK). Who are the DPLK organizers? DPLK Operator is a commercial bank or life insurance company. Below is a list of DPLKs that are still in effect today:

DPLK Jiwasraya
DPLK Equity Life Indonesia
DPLK Tugu Mandiri Life Insurance
DPLK Allianz Indonesia
DPLK PT. BNI (Persero) Tbk
DPLK Indolife Pensiontama
DPLK AIA Indonesia
DPLK PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia
DPLK Winterthur Life Indonesia
DPLK BPD Central Java
DPLK Pasaraya
DPLK Manulife Indonesia
Askrida Soul DPLK
DPLK Miralife
DPLK BPD West Java
DPLK Panin Life
DPLK Maspion Bank
DPLK Central Asia Raya
DPLK Bank Rakyat Indonesia
DPLK Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera
DPLK Bumiputera
The registration process as a DPLK participant is easy, you just go into the bank or life insurance company you want, the process is more or less the same as the process when opening an account at the bank.

2. Another way is to ensure that your employer company has its own pension plan, either with the formula of the Employer Pension Fund (DPPK) itself or join the existing DPPK. However, you do not have DPPK yourself, this way is relatively much more complicated than the first way. This step is to communicate this to your employer. From there, the employer company will handle the registration of the pension funds of its workers.

What are some things that need to be considered you want to be a participant of the Pension Fund?

Financial ability
The current program. However, financial ability will be of great concern when you choose the right retirement plan. For example: let you expect the benefit retirement plan, the financial ability of work will be the main factor.

Already confirmed pension fund, both DPPK and DPLK. We judge you to be more careful in choosing a pension plan, compare well the fees to be charged with

Benefits and services. Pension funds that charge higher fees are not necessarily worse than those that charge lower fees.

The earlier you prepare for your retirement, the lighter the “cost” that must be spent every month. The longer the period of our savings, the greater the benefits of funds that we can collect for stock in the old days.

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