Powerful Tips to Overcome a whiny child

Powerful Tips to Overcome a whiny child

Your child crying for no apparent reason? For example, your friend visit with his son the same age as your child. The children were engrossed in play until the time when your friends go home. When they’re gone, your child is crying and difficult to be persuaded. Makin persuaded, louder sobs.

Whiny child or children who cry for reasons that are difficult to understand often leaves parents frustrated, often causing embarrassment in public.

How to cope with a whiny child? Threatening, scolding or punishing a child is clearly not the solution. Whiny child usually occur because a child can not control his emotions. Teaching children understand and cope with emotions will be very helpful. Here are some powerful tips to overcome a whiny child who could be a solution for Ayahbunda at home.

1. Do not label “Kids crybaby”

Do not label a child as “Son crybaby”. In such cases, the parent releases his emotions by saying “Basic whiny child!” or “whiny really does to you!” Not infrequently it happened in public and be a spectacle the crowd. If this happens, other than to embarrass the child, the future will be etched in his brain went into the subconscious that he whiny child, then he tends to lazy to change their behavior.

2. Note and record the pattern

What happens before a child crying? What emotions felt by children at that time? How the child’s reaction to the events? If you can identify the pattern, you will more easily find the right solution.

3. Ignore the crying child

If the child is crying and uses crying as a weapon, you should ignore it. If we went to him and to obey his will, then it will be repeated. Kids will think crying is a way that his wishes obeyed. According to a theory paradigm stimulus response, a behavior that did not receive reinforcement, then over time will experience pengehentian. If the crying has stopped, begin Ayahbunda providing advice, could be through the story of course with the relevant explanations.

4. Encourage children to talk

Certainly not a lengthy discussion while interrogating children asked why he was crying, enough with words of light that is easy to understand the child. “Try to reason the same father, brother what? No need to cry.” or “If sister crying, mothers do not know what he wants younger sister. Try to reason.” In this way the child will learn how to express his wish in a good way.

5. Teach your child to hold back your emotions

One cause a child crying is no desire unfulfilled, for example, he wanted to buy a toy but you do not allow. Teach children to be able to postpone and hold his temper. Ayahbunda can say this, “Mother can not buy it now because it has not got the money, later klo buunda already have the money, the mother traded.” Requirements: Parents must be consistent, still do not buy even if the child cries. There came a time already had the money, the promise must be kept. If it is not fulfilled then the child will not trust again to his parents.

6. Do not spoil the child

Naturally if the parents meet their children what they want. However, avoid excessively and spoil the child always obey his wishes with ease. Too spoil the child will make the child feel his wishes should be fulfilled quickly and instantly, if not fulfilled, he will be angry, whining, and crying. If parents are not consistent, the child will know one way, which cry that his wishes fulfilled.

7. Give your child praise

Compliment right very effective for the process of changing a child’s behavior. Give praise when the child is able to control his emotions and face the problem in ways that better.

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