Places Of Attraction in Bangka Belitung This Makes The Holiday Soul, Anything?

Places Of Attraction in Bangka Belitung This Makes The Holiday Soul, Anything?

Marine tourism in Bangka Belitung has a very exotic natural beauty, no less great with marine tourism in Bali. This beauty makes Bangka Belitung included in the list of favorite holiday destinations during the holiday season arrives. Starting from the island, mountains, and beaches, all have their own characteristics that make visitors feel at home in Bangka Belitung.

Of the many marine tourism in Bangka Belitung, following a list of attractions that make you difficult to move on. Anything?

1. Lengkuas Island

What makes Lengkuas Island very unique is the existence of mescusuar believed to be hundreds of years old. This lighthouse was built since 1882 during the Dutch colonial era. This historic lighthouse is surrounded by a clear blue sea. Sangkin crystal clear, you can look in the water, you know!

To enjoy all the scenery around, can climb the lighthouse with a height of 50 meters. But make sure if your health condition is good because this lighthouse does not have an elevator, there are only thousands of stairs you have to climb if you want to get to the top of the lighthouse.

2. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Enjoying the beautiful sunset while enjoying the food at the beach gazebo becomes an activity that should not be missed while visiting Tanjung Tinggi Beach. White sandy beaches, clear beach water colors, and beautiful granite stone look will also leave your mood calm. Moreover, this beach is surrounded by many inns and various delicious restaurants, sure to hurry home?

3. Beach Pierps

Located in the northern part of Bangka Belitung region, the name of its exotic Beach is exotic is no less good with other beaches. The beach is surrounded by dozens of palm trees plus the roar of waves chasing each other, making you feel like in heaven. The atmosphere of heaven will be more felt because this beach is still rarely visited by tourists.

Thanks to its beauty, Penyusuk Beach become a favorite destination of foreign tourists from various countries you know. Tourists just admire the beauty of this beach, let alone you yes.

4. Pasir Padi Beach

This beach name sounds unique, right? It is said that the name “rice” on this beach is given because the shape and texture of the beach sand that is here resembles the grains of rice. The first time you set foot on the beach, you will be greeted with writing Pasir Padi which is on the main door to the beach.

Although Pasir Padi Beach does not have palm trees that transverse along the beach, but this beach will make a long time linger in Bangka Belitung. Because the beach is close to the beautiful islands in Bangka Belitung, for example Pulau Punai. So after spending time on the beach, you can stop by one of the nearby islands the next day. Exclamation, right?

5. Mount Menumbing

Mount Menumbing is the exile of Bung Karno during the Dutch colonial period. In addition to having an interesting historical story to be kidnapped, Mount which has a height of 355 meters above sea level also has a vast expanse of green grass plus a historic guesthouse that is believed to be the residence of Bung Karno during the exile in Bangka Belitung.

6. Ketawai Island

Enjoying the beauty of the blue sea and the stretch of white sand was already commonplace. How about exploring the underwater beauty, challenged? This experience can be found on Ketawai Island. Coral reefs on this beach are still very well preserved. So if you want to see the underwater conditions, can rent snorkeling equipment and explore the beauty of the sea.

7. Kaolin Lake

The lake we usually see is only surrounded by water only, but not with this Kaolin Lake. The lake that was once used as a pit mine has clear water. Uniquely, the walls of the lake decorated with white plus shady trees to add to the coolness of the lake during the day. If curious, you can stop by here. But do not forget to bring food and drink, yes, while enjoying the beauty of the lake, you can also eat.