Pension Insurance products for you and Employees

Pension Insurance products for you and Employees

The future is a mystery that is difficult to solve unless we have arrived at that time. We never know what will happen to us next few years. Bleached hair might start limping footsteps. If you’ve arrived at that phase, the tranquility is only to be expected. Then the best pension insurance can be the right solution for those who want tranquility in the old days later.

Surely you want to see your grandchildren participated happy to silence you, is not it? Begin to think planning for the future harmony of the present. There are many obstacles that the weapon should be prepared from now. Call it if someday you will retire. What else do you think besides some peace and quiet? But how can it be quiet if you do not have the funds to connect life?

3 Recommendations Best Pension Insurance in Indonesia
To that end, realize the importance of pension insurance. Here are some of the best pension insurance options in Indonesia which deserve consideration.

BNI Simponi

With the slogan “Keep each youth in your old days”, BNI Simponi present as bancassurance are very concerned about the guarantee of retirement. BNI Simponi is a program that ensures your old age which started operation in 1994. It means that BNI Simponi is a senior product that is qualified in terms of dealing with retirement.

Best Pension Insurance in Indonesia – Fotolia
Best Pension Insurance in Indonesia – Fotolia
BNI Simponi provides the benefits of normal retirement, early retirement, disability pensions, and pensions dies that can be selected package. The benefits for a customer of the best pension insurance fund are:

Contributions or premiums can be paid flexibly and is not limited to the frequency.
In the period of membership, the payment from the customer will not be taxed.
Investment can be handpicked through an existing package.
Funds paid customers will be developed and will be the result of the development would be calculated on daily basis.
Prudential Smart Future

Additional pension insurance products are included in the pension insurance which is famous Prudential Smart Future. Products launched by PT. Prudential Life Assurance in collaboration with Citibank bank. This product is intentionally designed to be able to guarantee the retirement of its customers. In addition to good protection, you will also get results from the investment of premiums or contributions you for this product.

Some of the benefits of Smart Future product Prudential Insurance as one of the best pension fund in Indonesia are as follows:

Granting of death benefit amounting to 150% of single premium that has been paid plus the value of the fund
Giving cash value plus the value of the fund at the end of the 10th year if it reaches the end of the contract, and
The value of the fund at the beginning of a sum of 25% of single premiums. Quite a lot of benefits not offered Prudential Smart Future to guarantee your retirement?
Defined Contribution Pension Plan (PPIP) Jiwasraya

The purpose of holding the PPIP is to accumulate a large clients’ funds until the end of retirement. Investing through PPIP Jiwasraya allows you to generate a rate of return higher because your investment is not taxed. Highly profitable, is not it?

Thus exposure of 3 best pension insurance products. Hopefully with this article you can have an idea of ​​choosing the right pension insurance is the most ideal for you. At least you are so well-informed about the benefits offered by pension insurance is generally well-known in Indonesia. Prepare the old days from now. Work hard today, relax in the old days.

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