Patience in Educating Children

Patience in Educating Children

Agree not, that care for and educate children that need mountainous patience?


From morning to night we have to face the doings of children is endless. Not wanting to go down from the arms, quarreled with his sister, often conceding bedwetting when toilet training, prone to crying, not eating, whining endlessly ask for snacks, and of course many others. Though we were already tired with homework that never-ending.

Son is a test for parents. If we can be patient in educating them there would be rewarded from Allah, and later we will reap the fruits of patience are sweet as honey. That is, when they have grown, when they have been accustomed and educated with the kindness that we teach them to be human and who obey his Lord. The prayers that they always prayed for us is a treasure and priceless investment. And like any application patience in educating children?

Here are some examples of applications patience in educating children,

Patience in teaching kindness in children
One part of the scholars described patience is patience in doing obedience to Allah. Patience in teaching is good in anakpun included in this category. Teach goodness requires the patience of a mother. Teach daily prayers, manners and good morals, memorizing the Quran, and so forth.
Patiently answered questions of children
In times of growth, the child will experience a phase where he would always ask about the things around him from yan big thing until things are trivial. Do not complain about this, O Mother! Be patient answering any questions our children because the children ask us what he really put his trust in us as parents. If we are reluctant or even angry with the question catapult child then the child may be a deterrent to ask again and he will not trust us anymore so it will ask another person. So what would happen if he asked the wrong people to get a response that is harmful to one’s religion?
Patience became a listener and a good friend
Including the nature of the patient in educating children is to be a good listener. Never assume paltry curhatan our children, listen and comment wisely and sisipi with advice.
Patience when emotions peaked
Faced with the sometimes naughty children’s behavior is annoying. When this takes patience. If the anger is coming temporarily try to stay away from children up our emotions to subside. Once stopped, the new approach more kids and try to advise him. Advise children while angry will not help and does not provide awareness for children.
Impatient if our efforts in educating children has yet to show the maximum results
Be patient if there is no maximum results in educating our children. Always remember that God will always see the process not the outcome. Each of our efforts to educate children of God countered though it was a minor thing. Always pray for our children so that they become a righteous child-shalihah.


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