Parents Who Love Making Pinch Hit and Aggressive Children

Parents Who Love Making Pinch Hit and Aggressive Children

It has become a habit, a parent hitting or pinch the child as a form of child problem solving solution. The behavior of children who are considered ‘naughty’ often make parents, teachers or caregivers furious and take practical steps to stop the ‘delinquency’ by means of physical punishment. Did you know many of the children were considered to be ‘naughty’ does not mean we justify doing the physical action. Pinching or hitting a child can be bad for the child psychologically you know, ladies. This time peeling impact hit or pinch the child.

Hitting or pinching the child was considered a practical solution and fast. Most parents, teachers or caregivers quibble do it to discipline the child. Unfortunately, it is a fast physical action that will be recorded in the child’s long-term memory. Hitting or pinching habits of children can result in the child being aggressive. Because, the child quickly replicate those who are nearby or frequently interact with it. Surely the child has become a benchmark figure that justify his behavior. Received physical punishment of children subconscious effect on children’s behavior, especially when adults. Most likely she could pass on their bad habits.
Additionally, when you grow up, children often receive physical punishment (hit and pinched) be easy to depression and anxiety. This is because the psychological experience less enjoyable received as a child. Another impact that children have communication disorders, language used children can be less polite when talking to peers or people who are older than him. In fact, the child becomes difficult to communicate with others. Because children do not have the freedom to express his opinion. Surely you do not want your child so is not it?

At present, not a few cases, parents or caregivers who hit the child’s head as a baby and lead to the death of the child. According to research by Elisabeth Guenther and partners, published by the international journal Pediatrics revealed that the beating at the head of the child (baby) can lead to a deep trauma for the child. Behavioral symptoms that can be seen directly, the child later become irritable and vomiting. The study was conducted in 627 patients of which 48% are boys, diagnosed 1.4% of patients experienced a violent head trauma as a result of beatings. And five of them were treated in the ICU.

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