Overcoming Difficult Fish Oil and Make Children Eat Smart

Overcoming Difficult Fish Oil and Make Children Eat Smart

Who does not know the fish oil? For those who have children under five is certainly no stranger to oil this one. Since the first was our parents are already familiar with this oil. Remember, do not you, that children who have difficulty eating, parents immediately rushed to give him a fish oil?

Based on the research, it was not just fish oil can increase appetite, even in it contains Omega-3, which we know, especially DHA, to do with intelligence is very prominent. That is why, despite the old fashion, fish oil remains popular.

Omega-3, clearly Nurfri Afriansyah, researchers from the Centre for Research and Development of Nutrition, IPB Bogor, there are two elements essential fatty acid chain length: EPA (Eico pentanoic acid) / omega-3 long chain C 20 and DHA (Doxoca Hexanoic acid) / omega long chain fatty acids of the C 22. Omega-3 is also called linoleic acid.

DHA is important in improving the sharpness of the retina of our eyes, and increase intelligence. As is known, the eye is very important. The sense of sight is a window to see everything which then forwards the stimulus to the brain. “Well, the sharpness of eye catching an object and pass so the response in the brain, is affected by the element of DHA. That is why, said DHA contribute to intelligence.” While the EPA elements contribute to the health of the heart and blood vessels.


The content of the highest Omega-3 found in deep sea fish, such as cod liver oil or cod liver oil often called. While the fish that live on the surface, virtually Omega-3 is small or almost non existent.

The content of Omega-3 in fish in the sea caused the fish have to survive on the surrounding environment, such as cold temperatures and high pressure, which would require heaps of fat, too. Not only that, deep sea fish also consume phytoplankton or plant that lives on the ocean floor. In fact, the phytoplankton is the element of Omega-3, although short chain or C 18. These short-chain Omega can also be found on corn plants. “While on the surface the fish do not consume it, except maybe the fish are cultured by feeding like that,” said Nurfri.


In fish oil is also a vitamin, because fish oil is taken from fish liver. Is not the heart is one source of vitamin A, D, and calcium? That’s because, often said fish oil is also good for the growth of bones and teeth.

So, if the parents assume the ancient fish oil can increase appetite in children, there is truth. Because that in it there are elements appetite enhancer. “Generally, the drug composition appetite enhancer that most vitamin and is the dominant vitamin B complex. However, vitamin D also includes elements that can arouse the appetite,” said Nurfri.

In addition to the content of the above, the packaging is also listed ingridient content of orange juice. “It is intended that feels refreshing while reducing the fishy smell. Is not generally children do not like fish oil because it smells?”

Unfortunately, it is unclear whether the orange flavor is derived from the essence of the original orange or just flavor. “If only the flavor, no benefit. Unlike when it is truly from the essence of the original orange which contained high levels of folic acid and very good for children’s development.”


Fish oil is also high in fat. “One gram of fat that is converted to 9 calories. Compare with one gram of carbohydrate only 4 calories. Until, this oil is very good when given at a skinny kid.”

Even so, not just because a skinny kid then propagated the consumption of fish oil, lo. Therefore, fish oil should adapt the rules of its use. The recommended dose, bright Nurfri, for babies aged between 0.5-1, 1 teaspoon each day; 1-3 years old about 1 tablespoon; and 4-6 years of age about 2 tablespoons per day.

Moreover, in principle, including fish oil food supplement or additional nutrients derived from fish. “The basic principle of food supplements, right, only to be consumed by individuals who are deficient in nutrients or foods can not enter the body such because there is no appetite or ill.”

So, if the diet is good, actually do not need to take supplements such thing because it can result in an excess of nutrients contained in the supplement. As described above, in fish oil contains vitamins A, D, and calcium is high enough. “In fact, vitamin just needed a bit in the body.”

Example, the baby, is he not also consume milk in which there is a high calcium content? Well, if coupled with the inclusion of fish oil in excess, would be excess calcium can be toxic / poison. “Especially digestion in infants is still not as strong as adults. This will aggravate the digestive system.”

Even so among children under five. “Put your calcium needs of children aged 1-2 years old about 500 mg per day. In fact, one meal of fish oil has been obtained about 400 mg. Not to mention of other foodstuffs.”

ONLY IF NOT appetite

So, press Nurfri, not just because he was malnourished children and given in a dose of fish oil doubled, yes, ma’am. Instead, only be given if the child no appetite. “For the children who do not appetite, automatic other nutritional substances do not enter the body. So, to compensate for the lack of substances should be given food from this food supplement is fish oil.”

Actually, the light Nurfri, would be great if the child can be consumed directly from the fish. Thus, not only Omega-3 to its course that can be obtained, but the content peridoksin, iodine, and niasinnya can be obtained. “If in the form of fish oil extract, there must be other substances from food fish are marginalized.” Surely this can only be done in children who are not allergic to fish.

Nurfri advice, so that the levels of Omega-3 in fish can be maintained, preferably in the process it is not fried because the Omega-3 will be damaged by high heat. “It is best when processed by dipepes or baked.”

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