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Musytarakah mudaraba contract

Musytarakah mudaraba contract is one that can be used in Islamic insurance, a national Islamic council MUI memfatwakan specifically the use of this contract in Takaful, namely in FATWA DSN-MUI No. 50 / DSN-MUI / III / 2006 on Mudharabah Musytakarah
In the fatwa, mudaraba musytakarah defined “musytakarah Mudharabah is a form mudharabah where managers mudharib) include the capital in the investment cooperation.
Akad musharabah musytakarah the “development” of mudharabah. Thus, all the provisions almost identical to mudharabah. If so, what is the difference between mudharbah and mudaraba musytarakah it?
The difference between profit and mudaraba musytarkah is located on “capital participation” pad the project.
In this contract, mudharib (employers) in addition to functioning as an entrepreneur, he also serves as the second maal shahibul because kepersertaan contribute to the fund.
Thus, in this agreement are
Shahibul Maal
Mudharib, as well as Shahibul second Maal.
A simple example of this is mudharabah musytarakah there is a housing project with a capital of USD 80 million. Then, mudharib include fund of Rp 20 million, after the project is completed, the umah terjualah at a price of Rp 120 million. In this case, before the results are attributed between shahibul maal and mudharib, first profits are divided on the basis of membership of each fund. A number of 20% owned mudharib / shahibul, aal second ($ 4 million) and 80% of its US $ 16 million) belong together, which are then ascribed in accordance with an agreement the two of them (eg the distribution of 60: 40).
In Islamic insurance, mudharabah musytarakah generally used on products that have an investment element, such as the product of education funds, endowment funds, and funds pilgrimage. Sederhanyanya form is the customer acts as shahibul maal (because customers pay the premium and the premium is invested in the investments sharia) ‘whereas Islamic insurance companies also include dannya to be invested in specific investment projects along with customer funds.
If the investment project is to benefit, first is first divided the investment return based on the funds invested share. Afterwards, divided back ratio of profits between customers and Takaful, based on the agreement of both parties (eg 70:30 for the education fund products, customers get 70% of the investments, while Takaful getting 30%).

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