Money Quotient

Money Quotient

Managing money is a key factor that determines succes in life. I have seen money people who are highly educated andd who hold hight positions fail and crumble with their financial life because they did not practice or live that right financial principles.

I have also seen people who are not so highly educated and who do not have a good grasp of language or communication achieve great wealth because they practice the right wealth accumulation principles and have the right mindset and attitude toward money.

Academic intelligence or natural is not a key determining factor to succes in life, but your financial intelligence is. I call this your financial quotient, or money quotient as reflected. Some people believe that the best way to gauge a person or a child is to test their intelligence quotient or IQ. I, however, believe in the concept of multiple intelligence. Each child has a gift or an intelligence is a particular area.

At the harvard school of educationn a psychologist named howard gadner, while accepting yhe IQ test a form og intelligence assessment, also argued that there are ‘other intelligence’. I feel that book smart or academic result are no longer adequate to prepare children to face the realities of life in this complex world of ours. We need to think about developing other intelligences in our children to get them ahead in life.

I also believe, in term of these multiple inteligence that we do not have to accept that our child in only gifted in some areas and no so in others. I personaly believe that any of the key inelligence that a child needs can be developed. Music is an example. Some experts say that the ability to sing in tune and appreciate music in not something that a child is born with, but it is developed through exposure to music at a young age. Imagine if we start developing our children in other intelligences besides academics at an early age?
I think there are no limits to various core intelligences that can be developed in a child. I also believe that more core intelligences than those I mentioned above can be developed in a child to enable them to achieve greater succesc in life. For example, fo years on of the most underrated intelligences has been social intelligences, your ability to build trust, rapport and relationships with people easily. However, succesful people know how to work with others, including difficut people.