Money Habits

Money Habits

Those with a Wealth Multiplier Lifestyle Wealth Multiplier Lifestyle Keep Focused on financial goals and are not easly swayed by emotional desires.

One of the key things about health multipilers are, they know to manage their emotions when it comes to desires that can derail them from their financial goals.

Most are familiar with that famous saying “Money is the root of all evil”. As it happens, this is really a proverb from the Bible that is often miquoted. That actual verse states, “….. the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

Can you see how this changes the entire connotation and perception of wealth portayed by this saying ? it is not money that is the root of all evil, it is the love of money. This is an emotional problem. The problem lies in our emotional approach to money and wealth.

If we have an unhealthy desire for money it can supplants everything that is important in our life, our spirituality and connection to God, our family, our friends, our cause and our principles and live in greed. Our emotions become distorted and cause problems for ourselves and others close to us.

Again we can see that at the core it is an emotional issue. Loving money more than anything else, fearing money, having the mindset of proverty that we do not have enough of it, the desires that come with money, all these things are emotions that can cause us to lose control of our finance. Once we lose control, we lose the ability to achieve our financial goals.

Choice of lifestyle

What you choose as a lifestyle and the daily decisions that come with that choice. Lifestyle choices basically make our break our ability to achieve our financial plant and wealth goals. These choices are directly linked to the concepts of delayed gratification and emotions and money, that I talked about in the first chapter of this book.

Most people choose lifestyle that are beyond their means and are governed solely by emotions without clear boundaries in their management of money. What do I mean by this ? they do not model accurate financial principles and are sold on living a consumer lifestyle that is beyond them. Outlined below are a few typical negative financial behavior and thinking patterns. Teach your children to avoid these bad behavior patterns with money by not behaving that same way ourselves.