Lunar New Year’s Eve, Let’s Contue Your Time with This Exciting Activity

Lunar New Year’s Eve, Let’s Contue Your Time with This Exciting Activity

“The holidays have arrived, the holidays have arrived. Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! Keep your bags and books. Forget about your complaints. Holiday has arrived, holidays have arrived. I am happy!”

Who does not know the lyrics of the song? The piece of song lyrics sung by Tasya Kamila as a child is still ringing in your ears. Especially for those of you who already know the red date on the calendar closer and unknowingly also never sing it spontaneously. Right? For those of you who have mumet with work numpuknya, you can take advantage of this week’s national holiday that coincides on the Lunar New Year 2569 on Friday, February 16, 2018. Fill your vacation time with positive activities. You can spend this week’s holiday time with friends or friends, family or yourself is also not a problem. asuransi pendidikan

Do not neglect vacation time without any planning. There is nothing wrong if you arrange a vacation plan well and done from the beginning. This is to avoid your vacation time to be a failure or it could be a boring vacation. Though your holiday destination is to have fun, refresh your body, soul and mind. Is not it?

You can arrange holiday plans with friends or friends, brother, sister or big family. Of course with a vacation together would be more fun. Do not underestimate the good plan from the beginning, because you will get a very memorable vacation.

Exciting Activities at Lunar New Year
Vacation in three days, sign you should use it to the maximum. If you do not have a plan, here is a list of exciting activities you can do with people closest to the Lunar holiday.

1. Photo Hunting

Upload photos on social media and get like that much is the desire of all the lovers of the photography world. While the long holiday in the celebration of Lunar New Year, is definitely really cool photo hunt with the theme of ilmek. Many places you can make a place for photos. You can visit the temple that is around your residence. Although the temple is a place of worship of Chinese believers, but each temple has its own uniqueness, ranging from architectural style, interior design, to beautiful carvings that adorn the walls. Well, you can photograph in a place that you think is unique in the temple that you visit.

The next place you can visit is to visit places of interest related to the history of China around your residence, such as museums. In addition, you can visit the crowded places that hold the Lunar Festival, certainly there you will find many objects that can be in the photo, like a carnival that uses a unique outfit, lion or dragon. Exclamation, right?

2. Culinary

For those of you who love to eat, Culinary hunting vacation is the right choice for you. But for this time, in the celebration of Lunar New Year, more exciting if you hunt culinary typical of China. A lot of Chinese food is no less tasty, delicious and worth a try, like peking duck, chopped bong gao bao, wonton, chow mein, jiaozi, ma yi shang su, lion head meatballs, tofu ma po, chicken pengemin, chinese sweets, and other snacks. Wow, lots!

Tips: you should ask first the ingredients used in the manufacture of food on top so that kulineran you can be enjoyed with a comfortable and safe.

3. Hunting Discounts

Nowadays, shopping is not just a dream of women alone, but men too much to like shopping, you know. Ahead of the Chinese New Year Celebration 2018, many shopping centers offer promo shopping at very high discounts up to 70%. Who is not intrigued by the offer? Come to a shopping center close to where you live, do not let what you want sold out.

Tips: choose the right store for shopping certainly able to provide many advantages of discounts provided. In addition, you must also be good at comparing items that suit your wants or needs.

4. Watch the Lionshow

In Chinese New Year celebrations it is incomplete if there is no lion dance. Barongsai action is a very waiting appearance of the people in the celebration of Lunar New Year. You can watch the action of a lion-shaped doll with a scaly body like this dragon in the temple, the night market until the mall. Watch it, yuk!

Tip: choose a location that makes you feel comfortable and safe while watching the action of the lion dance. In order for a cool lion action you can enjoy.