Long term and big investments

Long term and big investments

What to be mindful of in preparation for each cycle

Some preparation to consider include, but are not limited to the following :

.What to invest in and what to avoid

We must be mindful of what to invest in and what not. Investments with long periods before any return can be seen must be avoided. For example, any investment with a ten year, during seven year expected boom period taken up by marketing materials of investments with returns not happening  within timelines that we have set.

Business ROI timeframe

Business must be started wit specific time frames to capitalize. For example, if you ave seven good years during a boom return on investment for the business within those seven years and the return must be enough to tide you over during the recession  period and get you through it.

Long term and big investments

Thing such as houses or cars may need to be deferred and capital utilized for investments with a shorter return during the boom period or for investments that are safe and revenue spinning even during a recession.

Saving and money management

Lifestyles spending and oter expenditures need to be cut down or  readjusted to a reasonable level in preparation of a recession to come. This is because sasvings need to be increased. The more you spend the less you save, and this is what gets you into trouble when a recession or depression hits.

What you can do during economic boom times

Save 20 %

One of the most important things I learnt from my mentor, Dr Jonathan David, is to save 20 % of your income and put  it atside for the recession when it comes and believe me it will come.

Look for opportunities with quick ROI

Look foor opportunities, investment and business  to invest in or start with a quick return on investment

The faster the return the better, for example, if there is a business that can give you a guaranteed return of 30 % annualy because the industry is in a growth phase, do your research to make sure it is not a scam and invest in it if is legitimate.

Do Not over extend

Do not over extended on your use of credit facilities. In good times credit is easy to come by. People have more money so they buy extravagan house . big cars and make investments by being super-positive and not realistic. We, and our children, must understand tat good times do not last forever and we must live to prepare for the recession that will come.