life insurance

Before we discuss life insurance, do you still think that life insurance is not important?

If there is, you should look at a few facts below that make life insurance is so important for the whole community

– Indonesia is the fifth highest accident rate in the world. Indonesia reported an increase in the number of traffic accidents by more than 80 percent. The current global death rate recorded reached 1.24 million per year. It is estimated, that number will increase threefold to 3.6 million per year by 2030.

– Someone at their peak condition, such as professional sports star, teen athlete, marathon runner, or someone else who seems healthy, should not fall sick and die from heart disease. But this is the case, and makes us wonder, events Adjie Masaid example.

– Here’s the percentage of mortality caused by disease, heart and blood vessel disease (12.9 percent), complications of diabetes mellitus (6.7 percent), tuberculosis (5.7 per cent), complications of high blood pressure (5.3 percent) , chronic lung disease (4.9 percent), heart disease (2.7 percent), traffic accidents (2.6 percent), pneumonia (2.1 percent), and the combined diarrhea and gastroenteritis due to infection (1.9 percent ).

These facts are logical enough reason to buy life insurance. You certainly do not want it when you died or suffered permanent disability troubling your family?


Can you name two or three names of relatives or friends you are bound to ensure the survival of your family when you die?


If you can ensure it can bear all the expenses to go on your family if you die, you do not need life insurance.

Life insurance is insurance that bear the financial loss to the things that are unexpected that died too fast or die for too long (the current cost of living is very high treatment). Insurance is required as well as an umbrella when it rains, the spare tire when the tire burst, plunging when the parachute, buoy when the ship sank. Insurance is very reliable in an undesirable state.

Once we understand the definition of life insurance should we have to understand a concept of life insurance itself, lest our life insurance plan was not ideal based on our actual needs. Come on let’s check the policy of insurance money that we have, whether it is ideal ?.

There are some life insurance concept which is usually applied financial planning to its clients including Multiple Approachment, Approachment Needs and Capital Needs Approachment.

Let us discuss one by one concept, to simplify our calculations do not include first inflation its annual cost of living increases.

Multiple Approachment is a concept Sum Assured Life Insurance is calculated based on the great potential of its revenues in the event a person’s risk of death at the present time to time, for example until the time of retirement (retirement age minus current age)

For example, Mr. Heng was 45 years old working as a technician has a revenue of Rp 5 million per month, if there is a risk in Mr Heng died at the age of 45 years, the life insurance money that his ideal is:


asuransi jiwa prudential

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