Let Prepare Children Education Fund Started Now

Let Prepare Children Education Fund Started Now

As we know that the cost of education from year to year is always an increase. It was a challenge that must be considered when the family began to make family financial planning, especially after you and your partner decide to have children. You already know not, that the entrance fee to play a quality group today could reach millions, even tens of million rupiah. But do not worry, by making a financial planning and has already started early, you and your family can certainly prepare an educational fund for the baby!

You probably already know. there are some strategies that you can do to prepare for the children’s education fund. But, there is the most important that start as early as possible. If you already started preparing to enter kindergarten funds since a newborn baby, it will not feel heavy, than if you just start preparing right away.

To start, keep in mind that equate priorities between you and your partner is very important. Do you and your partner agree that the most important thing is the children get a good education? If yes, and the necessities of life so much, you have to set priorities and reduce the expenditure items that are not essential, such as vacations

In this section, I will describe two strategies for preparing children’s education fund, namely education and education savings insurance

Insurance Child Education

Children’s education insurance issued by an insurance company, so it also serves as protection against the elderly.
The final value / outcome that is greater than the value paid, since most of the amount paid by the customer will be invested by fund managers entrusted by the insurance company.
It is suitable for preparing education fund child before birth or newborn. Because there is an element of return on investment with new results seem significant in the long term, usually over 10 years.
The premium amount is not changed, as your initial agreement with the insurance company.
Very good because it forces you to be committed and disciplined to deposit funds in education consistently for a long time / as agreed.
Children Education Savings

These savings are issued by banks
This savings interest rate is not high, so we can not expect high end results as well.
No binding agreement, the deposit amount can vary, depending on the funds available, usually makes us inconsistent.

We know that children get the best education is the aspiration of parents, quality education requires extra funds, that is not too heavy parents should prepare from scratch. To overcome that we need to choose a facilitator to make our discipline, not only that we have to see what we can in addition to our goal of saving that child’s education.

I chose the children’s education insurance, because many facilities that we take for granted like protection of health of older people, when we are sick we often take the savings are there, so we reduced savings and saving our goal is not reached. In addition there are other life risks such as accidents, critical illness and died. With the insurance in case of such risks insurance companies set up facilities to accommodate it all.

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