Keeping Kids Healthy To Not Easy Pain

Keeping Kids Healthy To Not Easy Pain

Son of a baby from a mother and father, saw the child can laugh it was enough to make the heart happy parents and happy. Every parent would want their children carefree and cheerful especially when it is cool to play it really own happiness moment for parents on their children. However, not all children can play so happy because someday our children will surely fall ill. Inlah which will become a father and a mother worries.

Transition season is of course a mother had to prepare lunch early in order to know and what to do when children are ill. Maintaining the health of children was very important indeed, as the nation’s next child must be maintained as long as he has not been great and can take care of himself. Both in terms of food, a place to play, even when she was alone. Our job as parents should at least know what is causing the child pain and how to prevent that children do not get sick.

A. Causes of Children’s Hospital Easy
Carelessly Jajan
As parents we need to know what foods were eaten by the child, usually the parents often ignore the harmful foods consumed by children, for example such as hawker outside. Snacks outside as drinks, crackers, bread, chocolate and other foods could be one cause of illness in our children.

Unbalanced Diet
Perhaps our children plenty to eat but not in accordance with the nutritional needs required by the child’s body. Many children who do not want to eat vegetables when you’re eating rice, and rarely drink milk after eating. This is what makes children’s nutritional deficiencies and vitamins that make children sick.

Playing Dirty place
When was keasikan playing children may not realize that the place they are playing it full of germs that threatens her health.

Too Close With Pets
Animals often cause problems in children, most homes there must be a pet animal that is favored by the elderly, for example such as chickens, birds, goats, cattle and even cats. It will be health problems for the child when he touched and held menyium let alone to the animal. Since each animal has its own virus.

playing Rain
Rain is a gift from God but the rain is favored by children, when it rained sure children want to play outside along the water coming down from the sky. However, when the immune system in children are less certain it will even cause problems for health.

Too Old to Play Under the Sun
The sunlight is good for health because if we even children who are not exposed to sunlight will surely weaken the body. However, if the children are too old to play under the sun is not good because the temperature of the body temperature becomes normal.

Extreme weather
This globalization era changing weather chills it has become commonplace in the world but certainly cause human health declined much less the body of a child of course a negative effect on health when the weather is not fit.

Smoke And Pollution
Keep our children from cigarette smoke or air pollution are dirty. If the child is often inhaling unhealthy air is certainly the child will get sick.

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