Keep buoyant and sharp in spirit and mind

Keep buoyant and sharp in spirit and mind


Keep your spirit buoyant and your mind sharp during this short period. Depresssion normally range from a three to four year period, it will not go on forever. It is just an economic period to get through, as such should not allow your self or your children to go through this period with fear. Also do not even anticipate this period in fear.

If you have done proper financial planning and management during the boom and recession times you will survive the depression. The key is that the principles taught throught out this book are strictly adhered to. Follow the principles and concept given from chapter one, right thought to the last chapter and implement them in your life to stay on course.

Keep your spirit boutyant by always visualizing the possibilities that can happen you you even during a depression.

On God is not contained by any aeconomic condition and you can be blessed and thrive environment and in any economic condition.

Find people you can connect with and talk to when things are tough. Ypu must habe your tribe of mutual support. Just knowing that you have people ready to help and that you are npot alone this journey can keep you extremely boutyant.


Be set up for trade before the depression

You must set yourself up for trade before a depression hits. Find out what others want  during a depression and set yourself up to be the answer.

Is it to have jobs ? Is it toopen up new markets or food supply ? It is possible to survive and thrive during a recession, however, the key is to be the answer. What are people going to be desperate for ? I think certainly not more cars or luxury homes. It will be the basic everyday items that they are going to need to survive, and that includes an income as well.

You also to think about what will hold value during a recession and depression and get rid of unwanted investments you are going to be burdened with. Make invetmenbts into business farms, basic items that people are going to need before a recession comes.