Islamic Economics

Islamic Economics


What do you know about the economy and the perspective of sharia? Whether syariah economy limited economic practices using the principles of Islamic law with the nature of Allah? You are not wrong. However, it is necessary you presumably know more deeply that it turns sharia economy has advantages compared to conventional economics.

When there is economic crises that almost engulfed the entire world in 1997, ternasuk destroy the economy of Indonesia, has proven that Islamic financial institutions are among the last to face the crisis. The concept of paper money that was developed in the United States proved to be a disadvantage concept so it is inversely proportional to the concept of harm so it is inversely proportional to the concept of harm so it is inversely proportional to the dinar and dirham concept developed during the Prophet Muhammad. Dinar and dirham coins which act with rich gold and silver proved nialinya not change the present moment than a hundred years ago.

Try to compare. In the past, the price of the tail race is one dinar. Now, if the gold content in dinars is calculated by the value of a gram of gold this time, the value will be nearly equal that of the sheep equivalent of one gold dinar. The content is 22 carat gold dinar as 4.25 grams sebert or by the end of 2008, equivalent to a value of about 1.5 million rupiah. The value of the dinar nearly equal to the price of a sheep with the number one quality.

Gold is a precious metal that is certainly not affected by inflation. What are afraid of the use of money by the paper material is kanaikan uncontrolled inflation. Inflation means the declining purchasing power of money is sweeping the entire currency of the world, even though such were deemed perksasa American dollars. Throughout the years 2003 – 2008, the purchasing power of the American dollar against gold fell 44% and in the last 40 years, the purchasing power of the US dollar against gold dropped sharply to 5:50%.
Glory be to Allah who created the gold as a precious metal and can be used as a medium of exchange. Muhaimin Iqbal in his book Dinar Solution mention the reason why gold is so maintained its purchasing power compared banknotes as follows.

1. Availability of gold around the world who accumulated since the first human use, until now estimated that only approximately 130,000 tons to 150,000 tons. Increase per year is only around 1.5% – 2.0%. The increase is sufficient to meet the needs of people around the world whose population is growing about 1.2% per year.

2. Gold can not be damaged or destroyed. Gold can be mixed with other metals, such as silver and copper to be used as jewelry. However, if the jewelry is melted and the mixture is separated, will the remaining amount of gold equal to the original.

3. The density of the high value make gold easily stored. All the gold in the world amounted to 150,000 tons of load to be placed in one pool were great.

4. Gold is malleable, divided and broken into small pieces so easy also to use it as a medium of exchange with the most primitive though.
Thus, terkihat on piliahn Prophet Muhammad against the use of the dinar and dirham currencies are made from gold and silver is not without calculation and precision.
From here, realize that we need to browse for sharia-based economic foundation that has been applied at the time of the Prophet Muhammad and how it has been prepared sharia economic conditions ripe for the next hundred years.

About the weakness of the capitalist economic system is justified by Diana Yumanita in his book Dreamer changes that the weakness lies in systems based on fiat money (paper money has no intrinsic value), fractional reserve banking (demand deposits which increases the money supply without moving the real sector ) and its banking system is always associated with the real sector through the pattern of results and the practice of buying and selling without interest.
Conventional economic or capitalist economic system gradually began to unfold was not able to answer the challenges of the times. Even sharia economy is likely to mislead and afflict many people.