Insurance Non-Investment

Insurance Non-Investment

Throw away the idea that you can double your money by buying insurance. Unfortunately, many people are embracing the concept wrong. Insurance is not one such form of development money in the investment. 10 + 10 in investment could be 40 or more, plus the interest or return. In investing, there is no accumulation of wealth and power to multiply it.
The concept is far different from the more insurance aims to anticipate the emergence of unexpected risk and still a potential. In insurance, the event risk (eg illness or accident), then there is a certain amount of insurance money that we get, in return for insurance premiums paid regularly ever before. But when there is no risk, the premium will be forfeited and we lose the money already paid.


Asuransi Pendidikan Anak
Let’s say, you want a home that is safe, then you decide to hire a security guard. In fact, the theft occurred or not, satpamnya nonetheless must be paid to maintain security. It is the same with the concept of insurance. But some people think it is harmful. Why buy something that is not necessarily occur because it actually would make us lose money?
But if one thinks more wisely again, Babes, the premium paid for the insurance is tantamount to a salary to be paid to the guard. Before you feel aggrieved, look at insurance from a different side.

If it has been decided to have insurance, here are some simple ways to investigate before purchasing:

Entrusting your choice on the insurance companies that are recognized to have good credibility. To be safe, check the company occupying the top five positions in the list of most healthy insurance companies according to the Treasury.
Select insurance really as needed. When still in doubt, provide more time to think. Do not rush.
Observe good throughout its terms and conditions. If there is one point you do not understand, better ask.
An insurance agent is there to make things clearer, not to confuse you then use as well as possible.
Make sure the insurance premiums are affordable and flexible. Do not exceed the limits of your financial capabilities.
Understand the policy details. Please note the various risks are covered.
Cases are commonly encountered is the difficulty demanded of insurance money that is rightfully yours. Since the beginning, be sure to clear the claim procedure to be followed. Who to contact and correspondence as to what to be prepared.