Insurance needs in childhood and adolescence

Insurance needs in childhood and adolescence

characteristics of life in childhood and adolescence, usually have the following characteristics:

General health status is not good

Most still a student or students

Attitude towards risk classified as risk takers

This type of insurance is right for children and adolescents with characteristics as described earlier can be broken down as follows:

Health Insurance
Childhood and adolescence in general, are very active, both inside and outside the home. Therefore, they are very susceptible to diseases ranging from mild influenza-like so that the necessary path to a pediatrician until the disease which is endemic, such as dengue fever. They are also prone to diseases due to fatigue or lack of food as clean as typhus that need hospitalization. In addition, in infancy, childhood through adolescence often experience problems ith toothache, and no less important childhood immunizations kanakn needed basis is recommended by the government.

Insurance programs are needed in childhood is hospitalized with health insurance expansion of outpatient and dental care, hospitalization insurance benefits already described on the previous page. Benefits reimburse outpatient consultations with general practitioners and specialists, purchase of medicines by prescription, physiotherapy and diagnostic support such as laboratories and tontgen. There is also a cost reimbursement basis immunization.

Personal accident insurance
Children and adolescents in their activities kerapkah ignoring the risk of accidents that may occur. With emikian, also required accident insurance protection that provides benefits in the form of reimbursement of medical expenses due to accidents. however, treatment for accident insurance is not available in a stand-alone product, but the additional benefits of accidental death insurance.

As an example we can ambill accident insurance product with accidental death benefits amounting to Rp 10,000,000 with the added benefit of reimbursement of medical expenses due to accidents Rp 1.000.000vper years. Generally, benefits medical reimbursements due to accidents adaah 10% of the amount of compensation kemtian accident. Personal accident insurance agreement period is generally one year and can be renewed annually as long as they comply with their products. The amount of benefits Dapa taken by candidates depends on the conditions of the respective candidates.

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