Insurance needs according to age

Insurance needs according to age

Takaful is an insured solution in accordance with the principles of Islamic law. Takaful is an Islamic economic business features in a race that can be used to answer the needs of its economy. In it, there are more features of a product that can compete with conventional insurance.

Let’s look at a person’s age journey of the needs.

Period has not been married.

Generally, single people who are single or want to follow the insurance product because the purpose of protection for themselves and also to invest. No other impulses that make them insured. However, in the case of applying for a job, health insurance companies to conduct very mreka consider when opting in to the company.

The period after menage

The young families generally follows the insurance has to think of the possibilities of her partner, like illness or other calamity. Events would look forward to most young couples is the birth of the couple’s baby. Demkian though overall, primarily related to the cost of delivery. including the costs before and after childbirth. Therefore, the young couple must think as early as possible for the purposes trsebut funding program, either through insurance or by saving system.

The period after having children

The families who have had certain children think about the cost of education for her beloved sons and daughters are likely to increase from year to year. To that end, the keluargapun start preparing for the future orientation of funds in the form of education for their children, especially when they are still in the productive ages. As a result, insurance education is a concern for families like this.

The period of declining poduktivitas

Age 50 years is a period of declining productivity, in this case a family whose only husband works already must consider periods of decline in productivity with the deposits they have. If the husband and wife work, were taken into consideration when akab wife stopped working and how long the husband could continue to work. In this case the family is already thinking about a variety of insurance, such as health insurance, children’s education insurance, and pension insurance.

General nature as saving and insurance will be considered ivestasi

The period after retirement

This period is a time to enjoy the old days and enjoy the benefits of insurance in the form of savings or investments. This period is the period that became the main orientation of the participants of the insurance, not the right time for insurance.