Installment KTA Stagnant So Arrears, Overcome Only in This Way

Installment KTA Stagnant So Arrears, Overcome Only in This Way

Repayment and payment of KTA installments on time is a liability for you as a debtor. In some cases, there is often a delay in repayment and is certainly based on a number of reasons.

There are many problems that can affect a debtor due to delay in making repayments. For example, because experiencing health problems that require a lot of costs and eventually too late to pay the installment.

If you often do these violations, you may be considered bad or rather have a bad track record in the eyes of the bank.

In fact, you may be blocked or can not borrow any more money with the bank or any other bank. If you have KTA arrears and find it difficult to solve them, you can try the following five ways.

1. Negotiate with the Bank

The first way you can do when experiencing obstacles in paying KTA installments is to contact the bank giving KTA to negotiate. You can explain about your situation. Provide a logical or reasonable reason for them to accept it.

You can try to negotiate with the bank to find or take the right way out.

Having good intentions by coming to the bank and explaining your condition then you will be judged more responsible.

In addition, the bank also will definitely help as much as possible to solve the problem you are experiencing. In fact, you can also ask for relief to not be penalized when paying the installment later.

2. Meet with the Bank for Mediation

The second way that can be done to solve the problem of KTA arrears is to mediate with the bank or more precisely the mediation of banking. How to mediate this is you have to do some requirements.

For example, by making a written request in an existing format in order to be investigated and continued banking mediation. In general, banking mediation must include Bank Indonesia (BI) as a mediator.

This banking mediation can only be done when the loan arrears are less than Rp500 million. You also have not been recorded in previous mediations by Bank Indonesia (BI) or other mediation agencies.

Later in the mediation process, you will be given three options or ways to pay off debt.

• Rescheduling, in this case you will get a schedule to pay the installment and the last schedule to pay off the debt.

• Reconditioning, in this option you will get a change of credit terms and changes in debt repayment schedule with a certain period.

• Restructuring, in this option, you will be offered to change the financing. In this option also, the bank can lower the interest so that you are able to settle debts quickly and even free of interest.

3. If Still Need Loans, It’s Good Postponed First

Some people consider the best way to pay off the arrears is to borrow or resend the loan. If you do this, the one problem is over and another problem arises again.

Do not get used to owe to pay off other debts. Because this can actually burden you. Complete what is your obligation properly and according to the rules so that later will not have difficulty to pay off the dependents.

4. Pay Arrears with the Sale of Existing Assets

How to settle other KTA arrears is to sell the assets you own. Indeed this will feel heavy. However, this becomes one option to avoid getting tangled with debt. You can sell cars, houses, and so forth to cover your debts with the bank.

That’s why investing or owning valuable assets is important so that when something urgent happens, you can take advantage of it.

You can submit the process of selling assets to the bank and later the bank that will make the sale and make an agreement, such as physical receipt of collateral that has been given.

When the asset is sold, the proceeds from the sale will be used to pay off the debt in the bank. And if any money is left, it will be returned to you according to real value.

5. Want No Want to Borrow Money to Relatives

Another way or option to settle the last arrears is to borrow money to relatives. You can borrow money to relatives or close friends who really trust you. Never think about borrowing money to the bank again. Because the way it will actually worsen the financial condition.

Determine your timeframe to pay off the debt to your relatives and provide a logical reason why you are borrowing money. Do not force if they refuse. Because it could be they are also experiencing financial difficulties.

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