Info and Tips on How to Get a DataPrint Scholarship; Fresh Wind for Students and Students

Info and Tips on How to Get a DataPrint Scholarship; Fresh Wind for Students and Students

If you are a graduate student who is struggling to get a PPA / BBM scholarship on your campus, you will not get elected. While other sponsored scholarships do not work with your campus. So do not despair and hope – please worry with the only scholarship that. You should be keen on finding outgoing on-going scholarship info that is not tied to any particular campus.

Here I will share info about DataPrint scholarship. Ever heard of a DataPrint scholarship? If not, try to open its website Previously I tell you first if the DataPrint is a trademark of printer ink, photo printing paper and any product related to print printing with the printer (familiar times with student life).

Well, in this DataPrint product box, there is a scholarship coupon that contains the registration code. This code is what we can use as a requirement to apply for a scholarship. It should be noted that we do not need a Certificate from the Village Head (I hate to take care of this letter.) Finished long, wrong data). We only need a coupon containing the registration code. Keep the coupon code well, do not lose it because if we get selected, we have to show the original coupon.
This scholarship is very competitive. Its quota is only 250 people per priode consisting of junior high school, high school and D3 / S1 students all over Indonesia. I have three scholarships. The first time when I was semester 2, the year 2012 period I, I got 250 thousand. Then in 2013 period I, I got 1 million and in 2015 this period I, I got 1 million more. Therefore, I do not care if I can not get a scholarship from campus because with this DataPrint scholarship I can buy diktat – diktat and pay fotocopian during college. However, next year I can not come anymore because I graduated from S1 (hahaha, hopefully there is another chance).

Like a scholarship in general, the DataPrint scholarship asks us to make essays according to the theme they specify. Essay is the key to get a scholarship. After I analyzed the contents of my essay from each period, it turns out there are very prominent differences from all three. The Essay that gave me a 250 thousand scholarship only contains my pure OPINION without a bibliography or supportive quote. I was just griping in the essay.

While the essay gives me 1 million, more complete. There is a quote, there is a theory, there is my own analysis and there must be a list of libraries. Well, the contents are also more qualified. My broad theme is narrow to very narrow and very close to real life, plus it can be implemented. So it’s not empty criticism. To get a scholarship, I also showed seriousness by participating in disseminating this scholarship info as it is one of value added. I menginfokannya in my old blog, I make as creative as possible and do not forget LINK to website DataPrint. In addition, send it faster, not the day before the deadline, let alone an hour before the deadline. We must be wary of errors that could have suddenly occurred on the website. Lastly, let’s just say it. I always believe, as good as anything our efforts to get a thing, if Allah SWT does not want it, it will not be ours. Pray. Good Luck.

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