In order for Paychecks Are Not Wasted, Follow These Ways

In order for Paychecks Are Not Wasted, Follow These Ways

For workers, certainly no stranger to wait in monthly payday. Generally, payday time in Indonesia is done every 25th day for employees of private companies and 1st for civil servants (PNS).

Before the salary is received, usually we have prepared several lists (items) needs to be met, and plan to buy the goods that are desired.

Remember, quite often, people immediately spend their salary because it has long held back the desire to spend. “If not now when? Kan, have been waiting for a month! “As soon as these workers rationalize.

Then the routine shopping was done. This is exacerbated if it turns out the shopping is unplanned and uncontrolled. So all sorts are purchased, even though they are not needed. No doubt, the salary money was quickly depleted, the term passes just pass.

Well, things like this are not uncommon, especially among those who feel not to have responsibility alias still live alone. Of course this action is not something wise. Do not think only in the present moment, and throw away the reason while still single so that it can live as it wishes.

For what kind of life in the future will depend on how to manage life today, right? Of course, the current good financial arrangements will bring a bright future.

Then, how to get around the payday money so it does not run out easily and does not provide benefits and positive impact in the future? Check out tips on managing payday money in order to end up in vain:

1. Dampen the Unstoppable Shopping Wishes
Want to Shop
The desire to continue spending money should be suppressed

When the paycheck arrives and we have received the money, the thing that often happens is that we feel we have a lot of money at that time. Then, the unthinkable is to buy whatever is being desired while there is money.

Higher shopping desire is often not only offline shopping, but also online shopping is quite easy transactions, only once swiped with debit cards and credit cards, then purchased goods obtained.

But after awakening, it turns out your finances getting thin before the time. If you have this, no matter how big the salary would never be enough. Well, how to avoid getting used to such things?

Preferably priority needs priority, such as paying all kinds of compulsory bills each month such as vehicle loans, residential rental fees, purchase credit, and others. Separate this monthly mandatory expenditure budget, and the rest can be used to fulfill those shopping desires.

2. Make a Special Schedule for Shopping

Not only when there are important events in the workplace, hanging out with old friends, or other parties, who have a special schedule, but there’s nothing wrong we also have to make a separate schedule for shopping.

This can be done from afar and you have to first make a list of groceries what is needed and what the price range. Try to apply the rules that are a little tight like this, so we become a person who is more appreciative of money and more efficient certainly.

3. Select a Large and Complete Supermarket

When we are ready with a shopping list of goods to be purchased from far-away days, but when he arrived at the supermarket, it turns out there are some items that are not available, then what happens is to move to another supermarket.

Of course it will add to other expenses, right? We will incur more transportation costs for it. Not to mention this will take up more of our time than we should. Therefore, you should select a supermarket that is larger and more complete to meet the needs of the products we are looking for.

One more thing to know, in addition to large supermarkets that sell products in full, usually also provide promos such as discounts to spend their stock. Well, this will save more shopping, right?

4. Do not Shop When Stomach is Empty or Hungry

Yup, can not be denied, when the stomach is hungry, when looking at various food products in the supermarket, it would feel like to buy everything. I feel like eating this and that, everything!

Well, before shopping, it’s good our stomach is not empty. Make sure the stomach is full to avoid hungry eyes when in the supermarket. Because sometimes, often, when in the supermarket there are always things or food and drinks that suddenly want to buy when the stomach feels hungry.

5. Use a Small Shopping Cart

When using a large basket when shopping, as if purchased goods are still a little, when in fact already a lot. Of course this is different if we use a small basket, then the groceries that we buy will be enough.

Because after all, the size of the basket to put groceries before the payment at the checkout is enough to give our psychological effects. So, siasati shop with small baskets for groceries already seen a lot.

6. Buy Products in Big Packaging

Maybe when we buy things like groceries or toiletries in retail it feels light. But actually it actually makes more extravagant. For products with packaging will certainly be used up quickly.

Meanwhile, from the same type of product with larger or larger packaging, it can be used for a longer period of time. While the price if not too expensive when compared with small packaging when combined.

7. Use Credit Card When Shopping

Do not be afraid to use credit cards to pay for groceries. Because, usually merchants cooperation with banks issuing credit cards and provide discounts from certain products.

Well, who knows our shopping stuff that turned out to be much discounted for using the credit card. Fortunately, is not it?

So, there’s no reason to worry about using a credit card to pay for groceries. Because when we pay the bill later on time and paid in full, then no interest charged on our credit card bills.

8. Online Shopping Could Be a Choice

One more thing that can also be a consideration and choice in shopping for more efficient is to shop online. Of course we all know how easiness to shop online, in addition to saving energy and cost because it does not need to go out and go to the supermarket, but just sit sweet whenever and wherever it can get the product sought. The pay was not necessary to queue.

Moreover, many products are sold online, such as marketplace and others, ranging from daily necessities to durable goods such as electronics and more. In fact, the products offered online are also a lot of promos. We’ll be better off, right?

Shop Wisely and Make Saving Precisely
Monthly spending is something that must be done to meet the needs. However, try to shop wisely, by just buying the main needs or main that is needed. Do not forget to set aside buying goods that are just a wish. That way, not only targeted shopping, but also can make the maximum savings and our monthly salary money does not run out in vain.

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